Hey welcome to my blog if you have an questions about making money or cheating in monopoly city streets just ask here,

We can also hand out in game cash donations if requested just post a comment. with a question or request!!!


73 Responses to “Cheating?”

  1. Hey can someone please help me with some money?

    my username is vhishal

    thanks in advance

  2. can i have 10 billion? I’d like to play around
    on wwwthree

  3. If you could hit me up with some cash it would be great… the rent adjustments they made hit me hard

  4. hi
    if you still have some money left you could even buy a street from me 😉
    fosters road
    if it doesnt work take the other
    thx in advance and especially thanks that you make the secret holes public so the developers can fix it


  5. Great work. This is so funny to see you guys rub it in to Hasbro.

    Would love some cash if still going

    Account BHP

  6. Sure would appreciate a few 100M.
    Where do I sign?

    Game accou: Jaunt

  7. hi, could I also have some money please? Just wanna mess around with Mr Monopoly a little…
    Account: Affiche


  8. Please! publish the bugs!!!

  9. gotrythispal Says:

    great work here bestcheater — love how it screws up the system
    please could i have some heinous handout to windup the london crowd!!
    thanks bud

  10. Game Is Wank Says:

    Hey i just started up an account under the name “Game Is Wank” wondering if you could give me a helping hand so i can get into the national leaderboards to insult Tribal and Hasbro.

  11. Robert Adams Says:

    I’d love a couple bil! – “Lieutenant Dan” I am!

  12. HughesTheGreat Says:

    A couple of billion would be lovely! Account: HughesTheGreat !

  13. officerbalbegtsf Says:

    Hey guys, keep up the good job and show what a farce of a game this is.

    Any chance of a quick cash injection? Thanks


  14. I didn’t know why they were so many CHEATER on the global list until when I came here… lol… My whole family where trying to figure out why you guys where on the top 10 list and could be able to cheat so much. The whole monopoly blog is talking why hasbro hasn’t done anything useful against u guys. Not asking for any more money because this cheating has made this game very terrible that I’m not going to play it frequently. I’m just going to sign on everyday to receive rent…. I pay $50 million for a street and I only get $20 million rent… nothing like the monopoly board game.

    I was sabotaging this guy who did the same to me, he opened so many accounts to demolish like 12 of my bonuses…

    Too many glitches and leaks, and I found a street that was extended from United States to Spain through the Atlantic!!!

    • I wish my name would mean the same for monopoly city street’s gamers. EXTINCT. or endangered would be nice… at least that would make hasbro do some work… I still dun know why they haven’t figured out what is happening…

  15. how about linking up with these guys – quicker anarchy ….

  16. YOU GUYS RULE – wish i could open a new account called “antihasbro’ or ‘antimonopoly’ or ‘hireadecentsoftwaredeveloper’ ……. lol

  17. hey my nick is ffff can u plz put som hard cash in it…???
    it is u.s based….plz do so…i gt cashed wid hazards by a hacker n i wanna settle scores wid him now…d hackers nick is coka…..plz do it

    thanks inm advance…..!!!

  18. by the way my account is (im so hood)

  19. hey guys ive been working really hard and im starting to get depressed….im not trying to be numba one just wanna stick it to hasbro like they did me in the past{long story}… if u can help i can pass along and keep cheaters alive….

  20. so devastated this rent devaluation really screwed me.. wouldn’t mind a hand out. in game name jululz

  21. Devastated.. new update on the rent totaly screwed me lol.. i sold of numerous small streets to build up my intstate highway… for nothing. not saying it wasnt inbalanced. it really was. but devs should have given a heads up. Wouldn’t mind a hand out 🙂

  22. my only enemy in the game is the dev team.

  23. Hi there. Nice work on the top 10 🙂

    If you are still doing handouts my account is “GAME FAILS” 😛

    It would be much appreciated.

    Thanks 😀

  24. Wow, why am I in the top 10? (thanks for the freebie by the way) I am getting creamed with buldozers and sabotage. You guys have it rough at the top.

  25. hey it seems i am not on the global top 10 anymore… some dude with only 20 billion is on there… do you see that too?

  26. Can I have like 10 billion? 🙂



  27. Hi,
    Nice job! Please also hack me some 100billion 🙂

    So much real money wasted for marketing in this game but REAL programmers are forgotten to be hired.


    Let me know when you publish the exploit

  28. You are correct, the rent has dropped …. my friends account would have received 1 billion in rent … now only 40 mil …

    Now there is no fun anymore in playing this game!

    Man this really sucks, lucky I still have your/my 100 Billion …

    We should all ask for a reset …. 🙂

    What do you think, should we open a poll for a reset?

    Third time will then be the right time …

    They should clean their database and hire some real programmers, like the one’s that wrote the Collateralized debt Obligations software for the banks … 🙂

    Than we would see some action!

    • The fixed rent will make cheating in the game a lot less blatant.

      But the rent was never cheating – just poorly designed game. All of the BUGS/GLITCHES in the game that we used still exist and cheating is very much so still possible.

  29. you realize that frame lake trail is worth more than my bugged street… and its about to make a trillion on payday….

  30. mr nonopoly Says:

    Hi nice job,
    i’ve been trying to query openstreetmap to find those gigantics streets.
    Clicking and clicking and clicking, that’s not the way this game is really played. Are you automating the game it or did you really find a direct way in ? I mean, could you even pimp an account like my ridiculous mr nonopoly level 1 too 1000 billion ? the account owns KLEINENDRIES in Lierde / belgium.
    A level 1 account with so much money, that would really be unbelievable. And this Good samaritan will spread the wealth for sure.
    hasbro vs bestcheater : 0 – 1

  31. hey best… nice job. firstplace here. yeah my highway is nuked. damn. good thing I got other accounts lol. how you find those crazy high val streets?

  32. I am 5 minutes rich and already I have problems spending it?
    Damn it’s so hard to be rich quickly …
    Anyway I sleep over it and then buy something nice for my wife.

    Maybe broadway or wall street or picadilly circus!

  33. Nice job. Maybe it will drive them to fix this crap. Before I quit in the next day or so, I could use a donation to try a big street out. HonestAndy in game, n galaxy rd, Arizona for sale.

    Oh, and am also curious the general method. SQL injection of some sort I assume?

  34. How are you doing it, is it a script?

  35. love you guys – what a farce this game has become! keep taking the ‘soft’ piss and you will have my total support!!! Now how about helping out everest7 with ome csh/streets or whatever!

      • FAB – total anarchy now as I make stupid offers for piss pot little streets. Thanks to you I am now turning this game into ‘anti-monopoly’. Hey why not try to ‘big’ up some little nowhere town in hicksville – make it the new New York…… How about Africa gets it good for once …… THANKS REALLY – I love what you guys are doing and am now trying to help in my own small little way ….. ps if you make huge bids for silly streets and people accept offer how many people or links down the chain are they going to go to punish the cheaters..
        I guess that you may be lining yourself up for a job with these guys if you wanted one – show them how it is meant to be done YOU ARE MY STAR! Thanks again.

  36. just to say hi, u guys did a nice job. =)

  37. Dear,

    You are right, they should fix nr 7 … it’s ridiculous now with no nr 7 on the Global Board …

    Still missing number 1 also 🙂 was he sick over the weekend?

    They also should be disqualifying these other 2 players on the board, they have streets of 5Billion, that’s not faire is it!

    My account is : UNITED STATES (N Banana River Dr)

    A 100 billion is more than enough!

    You certainly will not need it anymore as they will close your accounts, so you can give them to charity …. 🙂

    Maybe one question, how did you do it :)- your secret will be save with me ….


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