How to bookmark streets

You need to use mozilla firefox with firebug plugin find the street you want to bookmark
Open firebug > script tab>search name of street>
that’ll bring up the street name beside it’s co-ords the name of the street!

Format for entry is then{lng}z{lat}

here is an example of a bugged street in the game we’ve linked to Please attack this street as much as you can 🙂

This is not an exploit and helps lots if you are looking for good streets and want to remember where they are.

to visit the location logged in. Sign in with remember me checked. enter link into address bar and refresh

Another helpful tip from your friendly neighbourhood cheat!


5 Responses to “How to bookmark streets”

  1. Thanks!

  2. Can you give click by click instructions -I didn’t quite get that – after script tab, what should I do?

    • Maybe later I will give more detailed instructions.

      But until then, see if this help:
      Find the st you want in monopoly (have the st card open on screen – this is important).

      Then open the script tab for monopoly. Now in the search box on the script tab (top right) search for the st name.

      It should highlight code like this:

      <tr class="free highlight" _streetid="LANG/LONG“>

      You then want to take the LANG and LONG and put it into this URL:

  3. there is other ways to look at the script this is just the easiest way

  4. The game does not work with firefox for me.

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