I need money – the request for a ridicioulus idea

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Hiho people,

I was a bit bored and thought, hey, why not buy all free streets or lets say.. as much as possible of it. So far the account has 1300< streets, but the money spended by friends is going low, so…. if you want to spend some money in this ridicioulus idea, just make ridicioulus high offers for a street of the account mcsscan and then we use this money to buy more streets. The account doesnt do anything more (what he can do with 100% taxes LOL)… 🙂

mcsscan profile 19.10.2009

mcsscan profile 19.10.2009

EDIT: The mcsscan bot who controls the account now auto accepts offers that have more money in it, then the value of the street. So you can always spend directly money and dont have to wait for hand work ;).

So, Happy Building! 🙂


Monopoly Autobot V7.6

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EDIT (by bestcheater): If you haven’t already entered the Street Giveaway Competition below then do so! Competition will end quite soon.

Now available, Autobot Version 7.6

7.6 EXE

New Features 7.6: Street scanner now pimps out async io like it should . It gets 32 or so completed queries a second now. Its a lot faster. It can go even faster, but now the server gets mad at me and shuts me down and I have “forcibly closed down by the host” errors. If you get that, you need to make it go slower. This version doesn’t make it go slower as a config for the user yet. Look for 7.6.1 in the near future.

New Features 7.5: Street Scanner now uses asynch io. Its supposed to be better than the approach I used. it doesn’t seem much faster for me tho. Let me know how it goes. Also, the parse thing now takes google map coordinates as well as wireshark copies. So you can use googlemaps and get the coords for your box.

Bug fixed: that stadium in the build bot is fixed, I think.

Not bug fixed: still can’t get logged in as or select opponents with spaces in names even with all the easy to implement suggestions I’ve been given. 😦

7.0 Notes

In street searcher, you can now search on a particular username to find roads in the list that are owned by a particular person. Pretty handy for recovering from a BANNING…. it puts the streets it finds in the MARK list. I’ve had to write them down manually, but its a small price to pay for getting back those sweet streets.

Note: I have had some threading trouble with the damn thread unsafe data grid control so if it crashes when you click the grid when the scanner is running, know that I am aware of the issue and have thought ALOT about different approaches to solving it, and haven’t come up with a good solution yet. If one of you geniuses out there knows what I can do to to prevent this race condition, please ridicule me in public, then help out a noob (me)! Also note the code in this version is not my best idea at this point. I thought of a better way of managing the individual thread street lists (each have its own list instead of locking on a single list) which might improve performance. I haven’t written that yet and its Friday and I wanted this out there for the weekend.

Also, improvements to build bot include the addition of “pause” functionality for getting dozers, bonus cards, and hazards. Just type the word “pause” in the combobox associated with the event you want to pause on, and the bot will pause and let you manually deal with either through the buttons on the bottom of the buildbot form or in the browser. I also added exception handling to those bottom buttons so a bad response from the server wont cause unhanded exception errors.

There’s probably more in there, but I forget now.

Happy BOT’ing.

Oh and my comment on HASBRO’s OPEN LETTER
Seriously Hasbro, I could understand the NOOBISHNESS of this game if you weren’t a major game publisher. But you are a big company with big, well respected brands who’s histories stretch back almost a century. You shouldn’t risk public goodwill on half baked promo’s like this. And furthermore, the main problems with this game wouldn’t have required much more attention to detail or money to prevent. But your apology is accepted, provisionally. Please continue to improve the game, fix bugs, and address the issues that remain. Of particular problem now is the lack of decent streets to buy. Banned accounts have hundreds (individually) and thousands (collectively) of the best streets in the world locked up, and the 1-week auto-accept of offers seems broken, as well as the two-week auto sell back. These need to implemented and/or fixed ASAP.

Winner of The First Monopoly City Streets Online Marketing Experiment. 😉

Street Giveaway Competition #1 CLOSED

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Competition now closed. Winner has been contacted and will be announced here soon.

Saying as it now seems that the world is basically sold-out, we here at Bestcheater want to help you guys out getting your hands on decent streets. We still have a large portfolio of rather tasty streets and are going to give a few of them away to you guys.

We are going to start off by giving away a (rather modest) 56mill street.


For a chance of getting your hands on this street just leave a comment below,  remembering to include your ingame name and we will pick a winner at random.

P.S. In the future we might give away some of our sts worth 100mill+ so stay tuned!
PPS All of our streets were genuinely bought near the start of the game – none have been stolen – so win in good conscience.

PPPS (by 1stPl4ce): You can confirm this all this now for yourself now with my latest autobot, version7, which includes a multi-threaded street scanner.

The world is sold out….

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Hiho people,

We are shocked, the world is really kind of sold out. We did a rescan of all streets above 15M value and saw that nearly none are free (3-4 are free LOL). So, what I can just offer you guys, are some statistics about what we have scanned so far. So here at first the area we have scanned so far:

MCSScan Progress 15.10.2009 16:23

MCSScan Progress 15.10.2009 16:23

We did 30,008,543 useful requests for the scan so far (so without double, and street rechecks). We have found 7,815,116 streets so far. Only 984,665 of them have a value (or basevalue) of 1M or higher. Cause we dont recheck all streets this value is very vague, but from this streets with 1M and higher we have 580,567 marked as ‘free’. Because we do rechecks of the streets above 15M, i can say that all are between 1M and 15M. We try to make a recheck of all streets above 1M next to the scan. All streets together have a value of 8,594,310,225,000. Continue reading

Firstplace on BBC…

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If you caught the latest edition of BBC’s Click program where they do a segment on MCS then you’d have just been able to make out Firstplace’s name as being top of the leaderboard when they made the segment. Congratulations also to ROOT who is number 2 on the board. Revel in the glory guys.


If you’re located in the UK then check it out on the iPlayer here.

Still new streets for the masses :)

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Hiho people,

We are still scanning, we are still there. Our target right now: Scan the planet. And we are working on it 🙂 With massive resources and help of several people of the community we are working on the big scan of any f***ing pixel of this planet. So far we are done with 70% of europe and 70% of australia (USA is already done), and it still goes on. But cause we are still the friendly guys you know, of course we drop out some streets just for you, sadly, the european and australian area is not so effective, so we only give you streets from 1M to 5M, but hey, more to come….. (btw: all around we have nearly 5 Million streets in our database so far)

1001 110039400z476844945 Dorfstraße
1001 75111524z524587777 zum Mühlenbach
1001 121752278z494083552 Kocher-Stollen-Straße
1001 97174922z487245007 Bergstraße
1001 55978668z518563764 Neersteindsestraat
1001 77308283z515999809 Hellweg Continue reading

Monopoly City Streets recording IPs on Login

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I haven’t looked into detail on this yet, but I noticed they’re actually returning your own IP address to you in the data returned when you login.

IP Address

IP Address

Of course, their privacy policy still says they don’t store IPs on their server unless you click “remember me”, but I don’t buy it:

Privacy Policy on IPs

Privacy Policy on IPs