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Bye Bye

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2009 by Getty

I just want to personal say Good Bye to all you guys on the community. This was an awesome time playing that game, even if the Hasbro-Tribal-Complex made such a horrible disaster out of it, but i think we still had our personal fun in, and around the game. Sadly technical difficulties stopped my scan of the world, but i think that we tried was good enough ;).

So people, i hope you all find something interesting where to go next. Please comment here anything you would suggest other to test online. It must be free and it must be “in the browser” (so no external application that is started over the browser).

So…. the last one switch off the light


The friend of a cheater (or you ba**ar**!)

Posted in Uncategorized on October 26, 2009 by Getty

Hello People,

actually we found out why so many “innocent” accounts are getting jailed. The Hasbro-Tribal-Complex is thinking that someone who uses the friendlist just does that for …. yes having friends…. 😉 So actually everybody, who had a known cheater in his friendlist, even if he is a good guy and just wanted to “inspect” the cheaters, was banned. We have several reports of people, where family/friends, who arent able to cheat at all, were jailed, because they had some cheating account in the friendlist.

Seriously…. Fail…..Cheater!

I need money – the request for a ridicioulus idea

Posted in Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 by Getty

Hiho people,

I was a bit bored and thought, hey, why not buy all free streets or lets say.. as much as possible of it. So far the account has 1300< streets, but the money spended by friends is going low, so…. if you want to spend some money in this ridicioulus idea, just make ridicioulus high offers for a street of the account mcsscan and then we use this money to buy more streets. The account doesnt do anything more (what he can do with 100% taxes LOL)… 🙂

mcsscan profile 19.10.2009

mcsscan profile 19.10.2009

EDIT: The mcsscan bot who controls the account now auto accepts offers that have more money in it, then the value of the street. So you can always spend directly money and dont have to wait for hand work ;).

So, Happy Building! 🙂

The world is sold out….

Posted in Uncategorized on October 15, 2009 by Getty

Hiho people,

We are shocked, the world is really kind of sold out. We did a rescan of all streets above 15M value and saw that nearly none are free (3-4 are free LOL). So, what I can just offer you guys, are some statistics about what we have scanned so far. So here at first the area we have scanned so far:

MCSScan Progress 15.10.2009 16:23

MCSScan Progress 15.10.2009 16:23

We did 30,008,543 useful requests for the scan so far (so without double, and street rechecks). We have found 7,815,116 streets so far. Only 984,665 of them have a value (or basevalue) of 1M or higher. Cause we dont recheck all streets this value is very vague, but from this streets with 1M and higher we have 580,567 marked as ‘free’. Because we do rechecks of the streets above 15M, i can say that all are between 1M and 15M. We try to make a recheck of all streets above 1M next to the scan. All streets together have a value of 8,594,310,225,000. Continue reading

Still new streets for the masses :)

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Hiho people,

We are still scanning, we are still there. Our target right now: Scan the planet. And we are working on it 🙂 With massive resources and help of several people of the community we are working on the big scan of any f***ing pixel of this planet. So far we are done with 70% of europe and 70% of australia (USA is already done), and it still goes on. But cause we are still the friendly guys you know, of course we drop out some streets just for you, sadly, the european and australian area is not so effective, so we only give you streets from 1M to 5M, but hey, more to come….. (btw: all around we have nearly 5 Million streets in our database so far)

1001 110039400z476844945 Dorfstraße
1001 75111524z524587777 zum Mühlenbach
1001 121752278z494083552 Kocher-Stollen-Straße
1001 97174922z487245007 Bergstraße
1001 55978668z518563764 Neersteindsestraat
1001 77308283z515999809 Hellweg Continue reading

2014 streets from 10-30 million from kringalf

Posted in Uncategorized on September 27, 2009 by Getty

Hiho people,

like promised, we give you now the streets we want to give out. So here the streets, and if you want to get more: come to our IRC channel, #monopolycitystreets on This set of data is totally delivered by kringalf, who gives 4/5 of our scan farm, so actually all streets are his present for you!!! 🙂

So here wo go:

10002 -1175018641z466060600 Gould City-Mayview Rd
10005 -1226328148z390717269 New Long Valley Rd
10011 -1012662914z447938304 State Highway 63
10011 -914072163z460809597 United States Highway 63
10011 -920779116z442368543 State Highway 42 Continue reading 

new streets at payday

Posted in Uncategorized on September 26, 2009 by Getty

Surprise people,

we made a small package of 2041 streets between 10M and 30M, which we will post on this blog around rents due, so stay tuned and visit us at rents due tonight!