Bye Bye

I just want to personal say Good Bye to all you guys on the community. This was an awesome time playing that game, even if the Hasbro-Tribal-Complex made such a horrible disaster out of it, but i think we still had our personal fun in, and around the game. Sadly technical difficulties stopped my scan of the world, but i think that we tried was good enough ;).

So people, i hope you all find something interesting where to go next. Please comment here anything you would suggest other to test online. It must be free and it must be “in the browser” (so no external application that is started over the browser).

So…. the last one switch off the light


8 Responses to “Bye Bye”

  1. Thanks for the pleasure time

  2. Thanks a lot for your autobot which saved me a plenty of time. I do had fund with your support in this community. Hope you success in your new development.

    Thank you.

    • Sadly i didnt made the autobot ;). But I think the one who deserves the thanks will see it :).

      BTW: You can be part of the development, just join the IRC channel down under

    • firstplace Says:

      You’re welcome, man. All told, the final version of Autobot was downloaded almost 1300 times. It was fun to make it, taught me a few things, and I was glad that it was useful for others.

  3. El Comelon Says:

    it was fun with the whole group,
    you never know where we meet again,

  4. RotInHellTribal Says:

    Congratulations to all players for being patient. Now you can go out & buy the new Hazardbro board game for Christmas because that was the purpose of this viral ad-game.

    If you’ve enjoyed this like me, spy “RotInHellTribal” account in order to thanks MCS developers for their efforts 😉

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Thank you.

    It’s fun while it lasts 😛

    Let us know when you find a new thing of interest, k?

    • I still have my “ongoing” project “Conflict Industries”. Its a Developer Team trying to make new games, or support creation of games or technology that support game development. We are still in some early grow up, but we got very good resources, so i think we can make something out of what we got. Feel free to visit #cindustries on QuakeNet and help us! Everybody is welcome! 🙂

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