The friend of a cheater (or you ba**ar**!)

Hello People,

actually we found out why so many “innocent” accounts are getting jailed. The Hasbro-Tribal-Complex is thinking that someone who uses the friendlist just does that for …. yes having friends…. πŸ˜‰ So actually everybody, who had a known cheater in his friendlist, even if he is a good guy and just wanted to “inspect” the cheaters, was banned. We have several reports of people, where family/friends, who arent able to cheat at all, were jailed, because they had some cheating account in the friendlist.

Seriously…. Fail…..Cheater!


32 Responses to “The friend of a cheater (or you ba**ar**!)”

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  2. So what happend to this blog? All dead now?

    • NoMoreFears Says:

      I think that BestCheater is not the “Best Cheater” anymore…. now we have the “street hoarders” who rules the world with corruption…

  3. whats up? no more news? is bestcheater deat?

  4. Hi guys, does anyone know how to unlock streets that were locked in a trade ?

  5. please update the autobot sir πŸ™‚

  6. If edited the Source if the Bot 7.6 and added the new Building.
    Here is the link:

  7. Tiberious Says:

    I’m thinking a v8 of the Bot is in order to add in the new building types (Spiral Luxe, Revolving Restaurant and Stairway to the Future).

    While those building types aren’t anything to write home about, they should be included, just to be complete, right?

  8. Hasbro declares this as family game. But what actually u can do as “family”? U can’t protect them, u can’t make some deal etc. otherwise u are cheater and jailed with all your family. This is also proven. I’m going to ignore Hasbro games in future and come back to some real MMORG.

    • whats about an update of

      would be great!!!!!

      • monopolib Says:

        Hi waldhans,

        My global leader board constantly updates, but focuses mostly on keeping the top 1000 or so up-to-date, so it may not be updating at all outside of that range… which is a problem.

        I have some plans to fix it but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      • It would be nice if you could fix it πŸ˜‰
        or at least include the first 2000 πŸ˜‰
        as I am stuck in there because its not update

  9. Im are reader on this website bann me f**kers

    oh well s*** happens

  10. Has anyone figured out a way of bypassing the “400 building per street” rule?

    • Some reports tell that there are streets which can actually hold more then 400 buildings. In my suggestions these are streets which already had more then 400 buildings (and wasnt disappearing) before the limit.

      • Its unfortunate that they imposed this rule because it effectively makes any streets longer than say 25Mil not worth what you pay for them, seen as you cant fill them out to reap their max potential. I think they said they did it to stop the “cheating” but I dont see how this works to stop cheating??

  11. El Comelon Says:

    and being clever is to seriously hack the game, because that is the only way to win.

    So DO NOT CHEAT !!

    Steal streets from others
    “buy” (read steal) offered streets from others
    use as many bots to kill every other player
    (it is proven bots don’t go to jail see the monopolycitystreets blog)

    All other official ways to play the game will result in a jailed account

    • “he plays the game, he must be a cheater!”

    • The bullshit part is that they take the game down to perform maitnance. It comes back up – I move some streets around and they get locked in offer AGAIN this time 8 streets.

      Now the steal streets JS doesnt work and i have lost 8 streets (1 with 45 bonus buildings on it)

      Its rubbish

  12. NoMoreFears Says:

    What is next?…. banned all “bestcheater.wordpress” readers???

  13. NoMoreFears Says:

    A “better” translation should be:

    “This is really fucked !”

  14. NoMoreFears Says:

    Damn….. i’ve just added some “cheaters” to my “friend list” to see if they have been really banned… I hope i wont be banned just for being curios…

    … The Curiosity Kills the Cat… ????

  15. Biodegradable Says:

    Eso si esta Cabron !

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