Getting closer Hasbro/Tribal… but not quite there

hazardHi all,

So this latest maintenance Hasbro/Tribal has done a pretty good job cleaning things up.

Lots of previously stuck streets… either in offers, or unplayed accounts, are now back on the market. Other little bugs appear fixed.

We’ve seen many jailed accounts, and at least one of the biggest exploits we know about has been fixed. If you’ve seen duplicated streets or had your street stolen, then you know what it is 😉

Personally, I’ve seen every last one of my accounts jailed, and many others associated with “bestcheater” have seen the same.

Of course they haven’t fixed everything. There are still accounts in the global leaderboard that I believe have been cheating along with the rest of us, but they’ve certainly stopped a lot it.

There are still many exploits to enjoy, so we haven’t given up. Lets see how long before someone from this blog can get back on the global leaderboard.

Keep having fun all.



6 Responses to “Getting closer Hasbro/Tribal… but not quite there”

  1. LOL.. wtf.. i got drag into jail too..LOL

  2. my personal account Getty is also jailed, even tho this account was totally cheating free. No offers from some multiaccounts, nothing special. But mcsscan, the dude who buys 77000 streets 😉 (which are reduced to 7700 now) which only had tons of money from tons of dudes which totally looks like cheating, is not jailed ;)…. Hasbro owns 😉

  3. El Comelon Says:

    Hasbro = Suckers

    Jailing everything except for the accounts that really are hacking, they have absolutely no clue what they are doing, white hat “cheaters” are put in jail because they SHOW at least what is wrong with the game, but the real hacks that are not shown in the open are still up and running.

  4. Theres clones Says:

    My streets are still stuck, kinda sucks. And just noticed that my 27m street is stolen 😦

  5. listentofaze Says:

    Does this mean loads of free streets about the $10Mill mark have been freed up?

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