View from the top…

Hooray, I have finally claimed the #1 spot on the global leader board.

manapalib is #1

manapalib is #1

manapalib will hold the #1 spot for as long as I am able (I’m guessing until MCS jails the account).

Of course that account has taken advantage of several exploits to reach the top… I encourage MCS to fix those bugs and get this game to stable, mostly bug-free state.  I’m not holding my breath.

However, being #1 on the global leader board isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. The number of bulldozers and hazards coming my way is incredible. Here’s a graph of the damage done:

View from the top: Nothing but Sabotage

View from the top: Nothing but Sabotage

I intend to publish my saboteurs… you’re welcome to help me fight them off  😉

And as some motivation, I’ll pre-announce the monopolib sweepstakes that I will be starting later today or tomorrow.

The conditions of the sweepstakes are:

  1. manapalib maintains #1 on the global leader board
  2. any competition on the global leader board is still a reasonably significant amount behind
  3. manapalib collects rent

Given those 3 conditions hold, manapalib will give away its daily rent (usually somewhere between $10 – 20 billion). I will do this everyday.

Do not simply reply to this blog post to enter. Details on how to enter the sweepstakes will be posted soon.



19 Responses to “View from the top…”

  1. monopolib Says:

    Hi all,
    Due to the maintenance going on now, there is a large chance manapalib will likely get jailed, in which case, the sweepstakes I hoped to hold may never be.

    We’ll see how good a job Tribal/Hasbro does fixing the exploits and shutting down accounts. I actually hope they do a good job, even though it’ll hurt me a lot in this game… it’ll make the game better, and maybe we can finally play it without all the exploits.

    Time will tell…

  2. Looking forward to the details… 🙂

  3. Curious about the sweepstakes 🙂

  4. oh i was top 10 on that screenshot! 🙂 nice 😀

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So these goons have had their fun at the expense of everyone else in the game…it is time to reveal how they have done it.

    1. The Autobot…auto build, auto search, auto destroy…nuff said

    2. but the autobot would be useless without the Steal Property bug. Find property offered as part of a sale? want it? enter “” in your address bar and hit enter…you just bought it for the base cost of the road.

    3. The property steal duplicate side effect: Steal the property from yourself and it replicates in your property card. Useful if you have one massive property you would like to collect rent on multiple times.

    Unfortunately what started as teaching TribalDDB a lesson, has turned into pure hubris and a possible Trojan in the Autobot. Thanks douche-bags for taking failure to the next level :total waste of time.

    Ewww..$500 Billion…you are such a god..

    • monopolib Says:

      Hi anonymous,

      I want to clarify again, that I do not use “the autobot”, and I have nothing to do with it. So please don’t place any claims of trojans on me.

      I will certainly admit to using the exploits you mention, as well as others, and I have not done anything to mask my actions.

      My intentions are still to show how broken this game is.

      I still believe this game would be a whole lot more fun if it wasn’t so buggy and we could actually get into the strategy of playing the real game. But it is still so broken that I don’t think it’ll ever be truly playable the way they intended it.

      I’m still having fun messing with this game, and I hope you are too.


  6. Some1 could explain how people can “stell” streets if they are used in offers?….

  7. Somebody have stolen all of my streets 😦

    Do you know how to go back these streets ?

    Best regards,


  8. today someone have stolen a 17Mil street that i build up to 11 000 000 000.
    I still have it in my list but cant do anything with it. What can i do against this??

    Please help.

  9. DR MONOPLY is stealing streets… dont accept or do any offers with him.

  10. monopolib Says:

    Due to my own error, manapalib dropped off the leaderboard this past payday.

    Never fear, come the next payday manapalib will be back on top.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have time to prepare my sweepstakes this weekend, so it may have to wait until Monday.

    But they first prize will be extra large, awarding accumulated rent from the weekend.

    Stay tuned…

  11. anonymous Says:

    NOTE: The autobot provided on this site contains a Trojan. It’s payload is yet to be identified as it seems i am the only one anal enough to audit all processes in memory.

    Firstplace instantiates CSC.EXE upon load of your MCS profile. CSC.EXE is part of the Microsoft dot not framework, and if you surf in the 21st century on a PC, this means it is on your computer already, which means he only need supply it a script which when compiled opens up access of your computer.

    I have not yet figured out what that script is, but my current belief is that the script is being compiled to a version of CONIME.EXE which is launched immediately after CSC.EXE.

    CONIME.EXE is reported as part of the Microsoft Operating system when searched on the net…but certainly a good place to hide your activities when you desire to operate stealthfully.

    You are going down…so if you have anything you want to talk about you better start talking FIRSTPLACE..VIZIER…whoever you are in Europe/UK.

    EDIT (by bestcheater): this crap is getting old, please stop spamming.

    • Annika Rice Says:

      My anti virus software went into meltdown when I downloaded the autobot, reporting more than one trojan. Got rid asap and hope I caught it in time…

      • There is no trojan in the bot and never has been. I wish you would have taken screenshots of the scanner when it reported to you so I could investigate. If it happens again and you want me to look into it, take some screenshots and postem to or something and I will have a look. this “anonymous” troll is just trying to scare people so he can have an advantage ingame.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why cross out what I typed if you have nothing to hide? IF you don’t know what is going on than better to come out and admit it…but everything i typed above IS FACT!

  12. anonymous Says:

    I am already collecting that daily……sheesh

  13. NoMoreFear Says:

    Damn… I really would like to help you.. but…. damn I am in the top 10 :S

  14. Biodegradable Says:

    … piece of cake….yummiieee

  15. manapalib earned $15B today, which will be given out in my sweepstakes… details coming soon on how to enter.

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