Street Giveaway Competition #1 Results

And the winner is… jackoltd.


It is nice to see he has already started to fill the street up.

(I was in two minds whether or not to post the winner’s name – as undoubtably this will bring him unwanted attention – ie hazards – but oh well, have to take the good with the bad :P)

Congratualtions to him. If you entered and were unlucky then fear not – another street giveaway competition will be coming soon.



6 Responses to “Street Giveaway Competition #1 Results”

  1. Mastermind Says:


  2. anonymous Says:


    Explain CONIME.EXE, which is quietly executed by your bot in the background, and then explain the two phantom DLLHOST processes.

    • I have said from the start – I have nothing to do with the bot. I haven’t even ever used/downloaded it – so therefore I know nothing about it.

      You used the bot at your own risk but that said I doubt there are any trojans in it.

  3. Biodegradable Says:


  4. Woohoo, I won..

    I’ve been seeing the posts on the compo with everyone wanting to know who won, but i thought ill try lay low… oh well, thats blown now.

    I like to thank Best Cheater, I was very surprise… laying in bed, looking at my blackberry and then shouting out loudly “I WON”…. i got a strange look

    Anyway, thanks again best cheater, i will put the street to good use

    Chris (jacko) Jackson

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