How many streets should I have?

While we all know the best way to increase your rent is by building up your streets, many of us are filling our streets to the brim.

As it becomes harder and harder to find long streets and you’ve completely filled your streets with houses, we’re faced with the question of whether we should build up a new street or not. Here I set out to help you answer that question.

When the tax-rule was first announced, I crunched the numbers to determine the optimal number of streets to own, with the assumption each street you own earns the same amount of rent, and your streets are as full as they can be with houses.

The answer, 19.

See this spreadsheet for details, or read more below.

How many streets should I have?

How many streets should I have?

Now this magic number of 19 is helpful, but more often than not the question is just, “Given the 5 streets I have now, should I get a 6th?”

The simplest way to answer that question is the following:

  1. Take the current total amount of rent you’re earning and multiply by 0.03. This gives you the amount of additional tax a new street would incur.
  2. If you can get a new street that earns more than that value, then go for it.
  3. If you cannot, then don’t.
  4. Also, if you notice that the number calculated above is greater than the amount of rent you earn from any one of your streets, you’d be better off selling off that street.

Remember, if you still have space to build on your first 5 streets, you should just keep doing that. Don’t worry about going past 5 streets until you’ve filled those up.

Hope that helps!

Want to know even more?

Here’s some of the math that determines your total rent (again, with the assumption each of your streets earns the same amount of rent).

Assume you have N streets, each collecting R rent.  Your total rent can be calculated with:

TOTAL = N * R * (1 – (N – 5) * 0.03)

This is the curve you see in the graph above.

If we multiply all this out we get:

TOTAL = N * R * 1.15 – N^2 * R * 0.03

To solve for the maximum of that curve, we take the derivative with respect to N, giving us:

dTOTAL / dN = 1.15 R – 0.06 R N

Then set that equal to zero, solving for N:

1.15 R – 0.06 R N = 0

1.15 R = 0.06 R N

1.15 / 0.06 = N

N = 19.1667 ≈ 19



28 Responses to “How many streets should I have?”

  1. managerleague Says:

    haha, I have been bombing people today. I even put up 100+ harzardous bulidings onto one player’s street. Who dare to challenge me and I will trash his streets, guarantee!

  2. I also ran these numbers a while ago and came to the same conclusion. The other thing I noticed, that since there is still a 400 building limit on buildings, that even if you could find 19 long enough streets, the most rent you can make in a day is just over $22billion, that’s 19 streets filled with 400 Monopoly Towers each (total of 7,600 buildings, but you’re only actually making rent on 4,408 of them after tax) which I think ends up costing $7.6 trillion in buildings (not counting street costs.)

    Other buildings:
    $17.6b with Sky Highs
    $13.2b with Graduating
    $11.9b with Blemith
    $11b with Brouette
    $9.6b with Difo
    $8.8b with Hips
    $7.9b with Tobo
    $6.6b with Hammer Head
    $6.2b with Unbounded
    $5.7b with Spear End
    $5.3b with Tri-Rectangle
    $4.8b with Opaque
    $4.2b with Cubic
    $3.7b with Photat
    $3.3b with Blanco
    $2.9b with Honeycomb
    $2.4b with Nori
    $2.2b with Four Sided
    $2b with Grid
    $1.5b with Polyhedron
    $1.2b with Nova
    $772m with High Reach
    $662m with Sentinel
    $552 with Cane Top
    $331m with City Centre
    $221m with Green Houses

  3. There are still streets out therr to be had. I found a 56m street less than a week ago. It’s in waiting in another account for when I need it. I think the problem will soon be all those streets / accounts that cannot build, demolish or sell buildings and streets. Of my multiple accounts, more than half are now affected.
    The next question is:
    If i have 5 streets full with spear ends then should I demolish and build sky/monop towers or buy another street?

  4. I am sorry but you are all wrong…

    The answer is 42


  5. I say BS with conime.exe

    First, none of this are on my machine (yeah, I do protect my beauty – Windows 7, G Data Internet Security + Spy Sweeper.
    Second, google doesn’t say any bad sh*t about this file as this is WINDOWS SERVICE FFS!

    • It’s possible they’ve used something like silkthread to tie a trojan to their bot. Unless you’re prepared to run a fine tooth comb through all of their code, and compile your own version from their source, you’re leaving your streets vulnerable. By the time you’ve done this, you might as well have written your own bot.

      The same goes for playing with scripts. Stupidly the devs leave your password sitting in a textbox for any script you might choose to run to read and collect. Rather write your own script.

      To demonstrate, run this script after you’ve logged in:

      javascript:var b=ed();var‘about:blank’,”,’width=410, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes’);o.window.document.write(b);function ed(){var s=”;var col=document.forms;for(var i=0;i<col.length;i++){var n=col[i].name;var e=col[i].elements;for(var j=0;j<e.length;j++){var x= e[j].name;var v= e[j].value;s=s+' ‘+n+’.’+x+”;}}return s;}

      • anonymous Says:

        The concern about Monopoly City streets data is secondary to the actual threat of a keylogger, or other remote access to your PC.

        If there is not an explanation soon, I will be in Contact with symantec directly.

    • anonymous Says:

      conime.exe is never run on my computewr, until launching the bot. It seems that they are lunching to shadow copies of RUNDLL.exe, which only appear when ytou first open task manager.

      It appears that they are creating a vpn or other remote connection, and then are changin system security policies.

      These guys are up to no good, and once i get to the bottom of it, someone is going to jail – for real.

      • Lets keep up the pressure anon. They haven’t addressed this issue yet, which to me implies guilt.


      • monopolib Says:

        Hey guys,

        I don’t know anything about the autobot or any of the stuff you guys are mentioning.

        firstplace is the person to ask about that, and it might make more sense for you to post comments regarding the autobot on the blog post about it:

        You’re right to be leary of downloading any executable code off the internet, because unless it’s from a trusted source, you never can tell what it might be up to.

        That being said, I think firstplace is happy to answer questions about the autobot, and he doesn’t seem too nefarious in my dealings with him… but who knows.


      • anonymous Says:

        it is going to be the first and last comment on every blog entry going forward.


        Monopolib, you are guilty by association…so get to work finding your pal and getting some fucking answers. I won’t let this die…I am voraciously monitoring network and process traffic…

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I am wondering if you blog buddies could tell me about conime.exe, since your bot quietly launches it. Google searches on the matter are not promising for you at this point.

  8. I also did the maths when the rule came out and 19 is what i found. The assumption that each street must earn the same rent is not needed, the average rent is what counts. Just try to make the standard deviation of the rent of all your streets is not that large; same length streets.

    One crucial assumption that lead to the number 19 is that you can infinitely invest on your streets. The restriction here is that the furthest you can go is to have in the end only monopoly towers on all your streets. At that point you just have to invest further in more/new streets, what will you do with the extra cash? Rent in cash to total rent ratio here is 0.58. Well this works if you can survive the bulldozer/hazard hell when on the global leaderboard.

    Invest then untill 37 streets and the 3% cash left will be enough to generate bonusses.

    19 is optimum when you want to grow fast. Now you only have to find more streets…

  9. I say make a new account and transfer your 6th, 7, 8, 9 and 10th to it. When you fill that up you make a new account….

    wtf why pay taxes when you don’t have to. lol

    My graf looks like this: ————————— 0 Total Taxes Paid

  10. HonestDandy Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I am looking for a 6th, but was wondering if you have run across streets that can’t be bought? I found one. It’s cheap, but I think all the good ones are gone by now. It just gives me an oops weird error when I try to buy it. This is the second street doing this to me.

    • monopolib Says:

      hey honestdandy,

      I have come across streets that are unowned but I couldn’t buy.

      We all know we’re playing a buggy game, right? 🙂

      • I’ve been getting this problem today. I’ve tried to make offers on a few streets, all within a few miles of each other, and I get the message:

        Unfortunately, you can’t send anymore offers today. You can only send 10 a day.

        But I can make offers on streets in other parts of the world even if theyre owned by the same player.

        Is anybody else getting this?

  11. more simple:

    38 / 2 = 19

    • monopolib Says:

      haha. fair enough Fred.
      now why did I do all those derivatives? =P

      • I want to make a joke but it works


        S is the number of streets without taxe (5)
        T is the tax (0.03)
        MAX is the number of stret when the income is nul
        MAX = S + 1/T >> S= MAX – 1/T

        1.15 = 1 + S T
        0.06 = 2 T

        N = 1.15 / 0.06 = (1 + S T) / 2T

        N = (1 + (MAX – 1/T) T ) / 2T = ( 1 + MAX T – 1) / 2 T

        N = MAX / 2

        I don’t know if this is useful in other than monopoly?

      • I don’t know if it’ s my maths but MAX is not S + 1/T; 38 != 5 + 1/0.03. The formula somehow works until (1+ S.T)/2T, here you get the optimum N.

        But let’s assume you’re right if the rent is changed to 0.07. optimum is still 19? I get then 9.64 (10 streets). Check your assumptions again.

      • I say MAX is the number of stret when the income is *nul*.
        That mean MAX and N could be real numbers.

        MAX = 38.3333…. N = 19.16666….

        with T=0.07, max = 19.28… (2 x 9.64).

        Since we can’t buy portion of street, values are rounded.

  12. Little Donny Osmond Says:

    This might have been worthwhile at the beginning but with virtually no streets left if you see a long one just buy it or get a deal on it asap before inflation puts you out of the market forever.

    I tried to get as many long streets as possible from the start, within reason, and to hell with the tax and now I’ve shot up the leaderboards while people put ludicrously high offers on my streets (which I usually reject).

  13. NoMoreFear Says:

    godjob!!!!… i’ll kept with 0.003 multiplier.

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