Global Leader Board… for everyone!

It has always annoyed me that Monopoly City Streets only offers a global leader board showing the top-10 scoring players.  What about the rest of us?  Everyone wants to know how well they’re doing… where they stand on the global leader board.

Now you can, with my global leader board:

This tool is still in BETA, and there’s a number of improvements I intend to make, but for now, enjoy finally knowing how you compare to the rest of the MCS player-base.



24 Responses to “Global Leader Board… for everyone!”

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  2. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

  3. I’d love to know where I was ranked right now. Can’t you just make it work so that every time a player types in their name, it deletes their old record and fetches their latest score from the server?

    • monopolib Says:

      Hi Ace,

      I’ll consider that. Unfortunately if I fetched every one every time they were searched for, I might quickly use up the machine resources the global leader board runs on.

      I still may be able to do it though.

      I’m planning a very large update to the leader board, including data on 400,000 more players, so that’s probably the next thing you’ll see.

      With that much larger list of users I need a better way to keep them up-to-date, so I’ll be working on that.

      My real job is keeping me pretty busy this week though so it might be another week or so until I’m able to make any major changes.


  4. Shouldn’t it be Ran rather than Run in “Run out of opponents to hazard?”?

    • monopolib Says:

      So now we’ve got some grammar police in here eh? 😉

      To be honest, I’m not sure which is correct. Run sounds better to me, so I’ll keep it at that for now.

  5. It worked yesterday when I added my player, but today when I search for myself, it won’t update and gives me a javascript error instead.

    Line: 641
    Char: 7
    Object doesn’t support this property or method.

    Yes I’m using Internet Explorer 7, but so what… that’s still the case with most internet users.

    Also, it seems the last time the board updated everyone else was on the 10th. A lot can change in 2 weeks, especially in this game.

    • monopolib Says:

      Hi Ace,
      What’s your username so I can test it out?

      Also, has anyone else noticed trouble with IE 7?

      I know the updating isn’t working quite as intended… the top of the leaderboard should stay relatively current, but the bottom is getting grossly neglected for updates.

      I’m working on fixing that.


      • It finds my player, but doesn’t update my score.

        My player name has a space in it, I get exactly the same error when I use the player “diddy d”

      • I’m coming close to 2000th if placing matters. It seems to do this with all the players I search for.I think it’s just not fetching an updated score.

      • monopolib Says:

        Hi Ace,
        It only fetches your score the first time your account is inserted, then I have a crawler that crawls over the data updating out-of-date entries.

        Unfortunately the crawler is never choosing to update your score.

        I’m working on a fix… stay tuned.

      • Brilliant… thanks for that.

  6. Thank you ,an nice work on getting this info

  7. NoMoreFear Says:

    I have about 40M but it seems that i am not in the list… why?

    I’ve searched for several players, but i’ve receive “player not found’ message….

    • Hey NoMoreFear,
      Currently it should add your name when you search for it.
      Try searching in all lower-case… I think there’s a bug that won’t find a name unless it’s all lower-case.

      • To help smooth that out you could just strtolower submitted usernames you know. 🙂

      • monopolib Says:

        heh thanks QOAL. I thought I had already fixed that, but I hadn’t pushed my fix to the server. It’s fixed now.

  8. A lot fewer people are playing this game than I thought…

    • monopolib will soon integrate the complete dataset of all players we have found via our scan. I can tell, we got 391099 registered street owners total in the so far scanned areas.

    • Hey subby,
      Currently my leaderboard only includes players who have been searched for, those who are in the game’s global leader board, and a small set of users I’ve manually uploaded.
      Getty has found through his street scan nearly 400,000 users an I’ll try to add them all soon.

  9. Omg I love this, I have always wanted to know where I am in the world. Thank you!

  10. Very, Very nice!

    Maybe some google adsense on the side … to spice your bankaccount …. 🙂

    Here my input:

    1. Able to sort on column headers, I would like to see the one with the most money or the highest score or sort on name, sort on the amount of streets or bonuses or rent ….
    2. Add the number of streets, number of hazards and number of bonuses + the sort on column header …
    3. Page forward and backward … goto page 25 … type in number … last page, first page …
    4. If possible, click on name to see his profile – don’t know if that is possible when you are not logged into the game?


    • Hfriman, ROOT, glad you like it!

      ROOT, great feature requests! You can already page through the list… see the links at the bottom. The other ideas are on my list of things to do. I’ll let you know when I make any major updates.


  11. monopolib Says:

    I’ll mention here the next things I’m working on for this global leader board:

    – show player rent in leader board
    – street leader board
    – improved logic for keeping most relevant data up-to-date

    Let me know any other ideas you have.

    Stay tuned!

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