Monopoly Autobot V7.6

EDIT (by bestcheater): If you haven’t already entered the Street Giveaway Competition below then do so! Competition will end quite soon.

Now available, Autobot Version 7.6

7.6 EXE

New Features 7.6: Street scanner now pimps out async io like it should . It gets 32 or so completed queries a second now. Its a lot faster. It can go even faster, but now the server gets mad at me and shuts me down and I have “forcibly closed down by the host” errors. If you get that, you need to make it go slower. This version doesn’t make it go slower as a config for the user yet. Look for 7.6.1 in the near future.

New Features 7.5: Street Scanner now uses asynch io. Its supposed to be better than the approach I used. it doesn’t seem much faster for me tho. Let me know how it goes. Also, the parse thing now takes google map coordinates as well as wireshark copies. So you can use googlemaps and get the coords for your box.

Bug fixed: that stadium in the build bot is fixed, I think.

Not bug fixed: still can’t get logged in as or select opponents with spaces in names even with all the easy to implement suggestions I’ve been given. 😦

7.0 Notes

In street searcher, you can now search on a particular username to find roads in the list that are owned by a particular person. Pretty handy for recovering from a BANNING…. it puts the streets it finds in the MARK list. I’ve had to write them down manually, but its a small price to pay for getting back those sweet streets.

Note: I have had some threading trouble with the damn thread unsafe data grid control so if it crashes when you click the grid when the scanner is running, know that I am aware of the issue and have thought ALOT about different approaches to solving it, and haven’t come up with a good solution yet. If one of you geniuses out there knows what I can do to to prevent this race condition, please ridicule me in public, then help out a noob (me)! Also note the code in this version is not my best idea at this point. I thought of a better way of managing the individual thread street lists (each have its own list instead of locking on a single list) which might improve performance. I haven’t written that yet and its Friday and I wanted this out there for the weekend.

Also, improvements to build bot include the addition of “pause” functionality for getting dozers, bonus cards, and hazards. Just type the word “pause” in the combobox associated with the event you want to pause on, and the bot will pause and let you manually deal with either through the buttons on the bottom of the buildbot form or in the browser. I also added exception handling to those bottom buttons so a bad response from the server wont cause unhanded exception errors.

There’s probably more in there, but I forget now.

Happy BOT’ing.

Oh and my comment on HASBRO’s OPEN LETTER
Seriously Hasbro, I could understand the NOOBISHNESS of this game if you weren’t a major game publisher. But you are a big company with big, well respected brands who’s histories stretch back almost a century. You shouldn’t risk public goodwill on half baked promo’s like this. And furthermore, the main problems with this game wouldn’t have required much more attention to detail or money to prevent. But your apology is accepted, provisionally. Please continue to improve the game, fix bugs, and address the issues that remain. Of particular problem now is the lack of decent streets to buy. Banned accounts have hundreds (individually) and thousands (collectively) of the best streets in the world locked up, and the 1-week auto-accept of offers seems broken, as well as the two-week auto sell back. These need to implemented and/or fixed ASAP.

Winner of The First Monopoly City Streets Online Marketing Experiment. 😉


100 Responses to “Monopoly Autobot V7.6”

  1. Hello to everybody is new here namely I have problem whom I my user name and passwort reinschreibe always comes fehlermeldung (412) Precondition Failed point what exactly I act mus because uses programm under Windows XP

    Thank many

    • so now its clear that this bot captures Paswords, because someone have logged into my two accounts, selled all of my streets and stolen all of the Money!!!!!

      Fuck you

  2. hey, is sb. here (a german one? :P), who can say me how i use the scanner and how it works, with the coordinates etc?

  3. There’s no u pdate on this bot or on this blog.

    What’s happening?

    I would very much like to see a working street scanner because this one freezes after a few searches.


  4. hi 1st!
    all fine?
    1st: please make a new blog entry on new releases… 😉
    2nd: there are 2 new buildings… may integrate them 😉
    3rd: a function to show amount of free spots for certain buildings would be great 😀


  5. Got problems with the bot using windows 7 32bit. if i type in my login data and press ok it gives me a error. (412) precondition failed. what do i need to install else to get it work ? need help please 😀
    i updatet yesterday from xp to 7… in xp it worked well. i don’t know whats wrong atm

    • Hey Andy

      I had the same problem with the BOT I wrote. I’m using Windows Vista. It’s easy to fix. You should be able to do it yourself.

      I haven’t actually run their bot myself, so I can’t be sure, but there should be a file that sits with the executable, or in one of the sub folders called “app.config”

      If the file doesn’t exist, then create one in the same folder as the executable

      Edit this in Notepad.

      It may look something like this if you do find it:

      Edit it, so that it now looks like this:

      The new parameter will stop it tripping up every time the bot tries to send a %20 or some other HTML character code.

      I had this problem with my bot because I had a space in my username.

      • Meh… they’ve stripped out my xml. Leave me your email, and I’ll send the file if you still want it.

      • You still have this fix file? I’d love to be able to use my accounts with spaces in their name with this bot.

      • The file should look like this

        %3C?Fxml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?%3E
        %3Cadd address = “” maxconnection = “20” /%3E
        %3ChttpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing=”true” /%3E

      • Note: replace the %3C and %3E with angular backets . I had to do it this way, since this board strips out xml from comments

      • My bad… remove the F from the first line too

        %3C?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?%3E
        %3Cadd address = “” maxconnection = “20” /%3E
        %3ChttpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing=”true” /%3E

  6. Anonymous Says:

    And still no answers from FirstPl4ce as to why CSC.EXE and Conime.exe are being launched when a user enters their MSC username and password in the bot.

    If you are innocent, and there is a rational explanation for these processes, then you might as well be Tribal…you are just as useless – and your bot is only a fraction of the code they have to support.

    And If you are guilty…this is going to catch up with you.

  7. When i try to start the Autobot i get a the application error
    The application failed to initialize poperly (0×0000135)

    How can i use this??

  8. Hello,

    i get a 409 Confict Error in the StreetSearcher Window when i want to buy a pre-scanned street from the StreetScanner … don’t know what is wrong

    i enter the ID, press “Parse” … mark the parsed ID … and click buy … ERROR 😦

    what’s wrong?

    thank you

  9. anonymous Says:


    you are using csc.exe to command line compile a process as conime.exe and then launch it…

    Your tool is a trojan…so I hope you know a good lawyer, because the more time i spend on this, the more evidence stacks against you. Bend over buddy… your little escapade is going to end with you playing drop the soap with a big f***ng ni*****.

    • anonymous Says:


    • anonymous Says:

      the best and most significant proof of your intent is that you are executing this command line compiler stealthfully…. and it only happens after the profile is loaded (at least on 7.6). I am sure you are well on your way to re-writing the code…and reposting it to claim ignorance…but fortunately I have plenty of witnesses…in all the others who downloaded a copy from your link…

      Ever heard of a signed affidavit? How about 100 of them… next is to figure out what your payload is… AND I WILL FIGURE IT OUT CHUMP!!

    • anonymous Says:

      Written in C# right? Hmm…curious..

    • anonymous Says:

      what’s great about our system, is once i have proven your guilt, and have had you pursued by the authorities, I can turn around and sue HASBRO and GOOGLE (yippee) for not vetting the MCS blog posts, and ultimately allowing you to provide access to the download from their site.

      I get rich, you go to jail. Seems fitting given the subject matter.

      • You’re not getting rich, I am not going to jail, autobot has no trojan. It doesn’t launch the compiler, and it doesn’t make conime.exe. You are completely and totally offbase and full of shit. You are ignoring the truth and spreading lies. Go ahead, try to find this mysterious payload. Ill check again here in 2092 when you finally give up.

      • Anonymous Says:

        The CSC.EXE statement is fact. I am in MS Vista 64, I am using a microsoft tool ( to perform a detail inspection and audit all processes and using Event Logging to track.

        CSC.EXE executes visibly for a nanosecond after entering the profile in your bot, but does not report to the Event Log (hence the statement about running steathfully) at which point CONIME.EXE mysteriously is executed, and remains open.

        CONIME.EXE has never run on my computer before this.

        AS to your assertion that the virus scanners are not going off, in previous versions of your app, they were. The 7.6 Version subverts any AV alarms by spoofing know Microsoft Processes which are harder for AV to pick up on until a pattern of AV clients get the same negative result, resulting in the AV companies wortking on a Virus Definition.

        Either start collaborating if you are innocent, or just STFU.

        And I am no kid, bitch.

  10. Hi 1stplace

    There have been suspicions raised regarding Trojans tied to your autobot.
    We would like you to address them please.

    • after all this time i an others been using it your the first to say it has trojen
      thats a load of bullocks , there is no Trojan in auto bot

      • Liloandstitch Says:

        You’ve probably let the cat out of the bag.
        This looks Fishy.
        Have you missed something?

    • Yeah I just read that convo over on the other blog entry. I am not going to pollute it with autobot discussion. But I will address the allegations.

      #1, I post the source, so you can, if you want, read it and see what it does. You can also build it yourself to be sure. Thats why the source is posted. So the community at large can validate everything that I say regarding the autobot. I can spend all day up here denying shit, but thats not proof. The source code is proof. You can then validate the output with the MD5 hash codes I publish with each release, verifying that the .exe is actually the one I built, from the version of the source I released. You can also fully disassemble the .exe and verify that it is, in fact, exactly what the source code would produce. Because it is. In fact, i goofed up a bit in my 7.6 source release, cuz I left all the .obj and the .exe in the build. Its a goof in the size of the zip, not content, since these files are all re-buildable too. There are other techniques to verifying the output of the program, most notably using wireshark, ensuring that the program makes no requests to anything except And of course it doesn’t.

      That said, it is *possible* however unlikely, that *I* have been infected with a virus or worm which plants in a trojan unbeknownst to me in the output of my compiler. If this is true, however, I am pretty sure someone would have come here and posted the actual steps for me to verify this, and I would have already apologized and fixed the release while asking God “why me?!!!!?” That hasn’t happened yet so I am not terribly concerned.

      Rumors of a trojan in the bot is probably a scare tactic by someone who doesn’t like feeling the crushing blow of a bot attack. But if the accuser has actual proof, I would love to hear it so I can destroy it.

      • Fair enough. I’ve had a brief look through the source and I haven’t found anything suspicious yet.

        I certainly don’t have the time to have a detailed look through all of it though.

        I only want to back concerns that have been raised by others and encourage dialogue on this issue.

      • anonymous Says:

        Wel – what i can tell you, is that a copy of CONIME.EXE is launched after logging into the MCS account. So if you don’t have an answer buddy, you better work harder to find one out. GOT IT?

        FIGURE IT OUT F****….because hacking MCS is the least of your worries now.

      • anonymous Says:

        conime.exe is a process which is registered as the BFGhost 1.0 Remote administration backdoor tool. This backdoor application can allow attackers to access your computer, stealing passwords and personal data. It is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately.

      • anonymous Says:

        CONIME.EXE is clearly a Microsoft Tool…but specifically for Console applications: which means that a programmer can build in a little fetch to CONIME.EXE to be able to remotely access your computer.

        So Vizier, Firstplace whatever… you had beeter detemine and be forthright as to what part of your code is instantiating conime….

      • anonymous Says:

        and BTW, for the record…the AUTOBOT is not the key yo making the Global list…it is quite simply stated road replication…and all you need is one long road.

        RIGHT MONOPOLIB…or should we call you MANAPALIB?

        But if you are smart, you don’t display your bug on the global leaderboard…YOU F****** JACKA$$

        EDIT (by Bestcheater): Please realise that I can edit and delete your posts – please stop dupe posting and especially stop swearing. I support free speech on this blog but please don’t abuse it.

      • anonymous Says:

        not only am i aware you can edit the blog…and track my ip right to my location…i don’t give a flying ****. You have a responsibility to answer these inquiries.


      • anonymous Says:

        it would seem to me that you have two different set of standards: one for the institutions like Tribal…and then one for yourself.,.. they don’t respond and you bitch and whine…

        But for you it is okay to ignore, subvert and ….hack?

        Better adjust your priorities real fast…because if it turns out you dudes are launching trojans…knowingly or otherwise…i am going track you down and sue your ****** cocks off.

      • anonymous Says:


      • Please stop swearing and spamming. I have already told you that I know nothing about the bot nor have I even ever used it.

        You used the bot at your own risk – but at the same time I really doubt there is anything wrong with it. The source code is there is you want to look at it. You haven’t even provided any concrete proof of what exactly conime is – a google search proves inconclusive – people say it has something to do with asian characters on a keyboard.

      • anonymous Says:

        whatever it is is capable of subverting Norton…but it is struggling for control. It is running stealthed under good ol svchost.exe and/or (more liekly and) dllhost32….

        the problem is, everytime I see it making a move I kill the process to rapidly to be able to investigate it.

        fortunately I am a quick study – but rather pissed I have to become a security expert overnight.

        whoever you are, and whatever you’ve thrown at me…I am coming for you.

      • Sure dude. I just read the server log for your OS and Language. Conime is a native windows process on your system and goes off all the time to handle your characterset. Secondly, even if that weren’t the case, conime isn’t a real virus or threat, its just been the target of a handful of trojans which infect nearly every exe at some time or another. Its like your bitching about MS Word integration because MS Word once had a virus. Third, I can’t replicate your behavior on my system because I dont even have conime.exe anywhere on my harddrive cuz I have a modern OS, so how the hell could I be infecting you with it? Fourthly, its not my duty to explain how computers work to you. If you think its got a virus, submit proof and I’ll pull it down. Fifthly, if it has a virus stop using it and stop acting like James Bond of computer security “killing a conime process so fast it can’t hurt me so I can keep using the autobot to play”. If your really afraid stop using it for christ’s sake. Sixthly, spamming this board only got me to investigate this worthless matter, taking me off a more important task. Stop wasting my time. Sevently, none of my virus scanners are going off and neither are any of the over 1500 times people have downloaded the bot. In conclusion, your rapidly repeated concerns about conime.exe are unproven and unfounded, and are in fact normal for your antiquated computer. So just shut the fuck up and maybe think of upgrading. You’re a god-damned noob yelling fire in packed auditorium and deserve complete deletion. No wonder you posted as “anonymous”.

      • Anonymous Says:

        BTW, try forming your messages into paragraphs.. it makes it more legible.

        You better investigate harder f*** nuts…because you are transmitting a trojan…

        I assume all of your OS high and mightyness is because you are using a quack…i mean a mac…

        well whatever…more viruses for PC because more PCS…your ilk shoot for what is easiest…and i know because i am a programmer to…DUH!

        Pi$$ of with your NOOB usage….and start thinking about how pretty your mouth is going to look to your cellmate.

  11. Hi 1stpl4ce, What’s the ‘evil’ button do? It will be perfect if you can put a link to an id that listed from Street Scanner. Then people will easily link and buy a street instead of copy/past/parse/highlight/mark/buy…

  12. 1stpl4ce can you help me, how to get the co ordinate an put in the lat an long do i need to put something in for the parse ?

    • the parse is optional. it is for taking a copy of either google maps coordinates (get directions from here) or from wireshark when you capture the network io of using the map in the game. if you use wireshark, look for “gettowns” and copy that line and paste in the 2 parse boxes. one for each of the corners of a box on the map. then parse will change the values in the actual parameters dialog box. If you know the coords you wanna search, then you just type em in.

      • Ill give that a go
        thank you

      • i found a bug in it last night, well sorta a bug.

        In google maps sometimes the coord output has a space, sometimes not. I am doing a naive assumption that it has a space, and so some pastes will fail to parse correctly, and it will chop off the first digit or the negative sign. Sry bout this… will fix in next release.

  13. Hi,what do i type in the parse to get the long and lat ?
    if not how do i get lat and long an how do i do this ?
    thank you

  14. Biodegradable Says:

    (412) Precondition Failed.

    • I get the same but no one seems to know what causes it.

    • on what call? what u trying to do?

      • Biodegradable Says:

        sometimes when starts the MonopoyAutobot, when i want to autobuiild-, ….. BTW how can i get the id in … the street scanner ???

      • I get it just when I put in my login information after clicking NEW.

      • if your username has a space in it, you might have a problem on login. the only precondition fail on login that I know of is a bad password…

      • Sometimes the autobot fails on certain roads who’s “building data” isn’t what is expected. Sometimes it just wont work well on a particular road. Some thing you might do to get it to work is build or doze a building in the “#1” spot that the autobot finds. Sometimes that the most western spot, eastern spot, northern or southern. this seems to help me sometimes.

  15. v7.6 works fine for a while. Unfortunately, when i buy a free street which was found by your streetscanner, it alway returned a ‘412’ error code in your application or ‘Oops, sorry some weird error occured..’ in MCS webpage. Am i locked up?

    • Not sure why exactly. Could be a memory leak in my network code or something else entirely. You should get a 409 if someone else bought it under you so that doesn’t seem to be the case. But the offer maker isn’t for unowned streets. Make sure your using the street searcher after the scanner, and paste coords/parse, click,mark, click then buy routine. I should make it easier to buy straight out of the scanner.

    • It looks the id prefix -11xxx caused this 412 error. any clues?

  16. Nice Street Scanner. I believe that the definition of your street id is different to MCS’s id. Is there anyway to convert it, then the id can be used in


  17. gambolputty Says:

    dozerbot still does not work for me 😦
    always says 409 conflict

    • Sometimes it helps to manually demolish the first building the dozerbot will find… I’ve seen this happen before too and I haven’t really debugged the issue fully.

  18. BoxyBrown Says:

    Hey 1st,
    Is there any way to get back stolen streets? 2 of my best streets that were stuck in limbo have been stolen by: BOOZEEN

  19. Hello may I please know how to find the coordinates of the place when the numbers doesn’t even represent Longitude or Latitude.

    • they do, but not as we normally think. so lat 4550 means 45degrees, 30 minutes, I think. long -11100 means -111 degrees, 0 minutes.

  20. 7.6 does not work cant scan anythin gettin errors

  21. It’s weird. when i double click ‘momopolyAutobo7.6.exe’ it popped up an ‘Application Error’, said: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). …

    What’s that? Can you help me?

    OS: windows xp pro 32bit


  22. I keep getting (412) Precondition Failed when entering my login info – what am I missing?

  23. Seems like nobody can buy or sell any buildings or streets in some parts in the world… See the comments in the official MCS blog… Anyone has the same problem?

    • The Apocalypse Says:

      Yeah, my 100mil street in Belarus is “bugged”. Cant delete any buildings on it or build on it. I also have another street which is the same. I have also tried making offers on other long streets in same part of the world and it tells me I made too many offers for the day, when I have only made a few (i have also made successful offers on other streets in the USA). Hope this is only temporary because I invested a lot of money in my 100 mil street which only has 49 buildings on it… what a waste..!!

  24. Hi.
    If you want – I would like to help you a bit with this bot. It’s just an academical interest for me (i wrote my own .net/c# scanner but was too lazy and short in time to make all the rest stuff for fully functional BOT, but i can share with you some code/ideas and maybe help you writting it, in case if I’ll get some free time 8))

  25. this is a joke how does the street scanner work

    the only thing that works on the street scanner is the one already built in to the autobot7 can someone let me know how to get the lat and long
    an split it i read below an nothing happens , an what do i put in the parse box ? would help if there were instruction or something

    • sorry no instructions I dont have time for as much autobot dev as in the past. got a real job lol.

      Anyways the parsing is for wireshark protocol capture log copy/paste. You can now also use googlemaps coordinates in there with v7.5. One box for each corner of a bounding box. Click parse and it will figure out the inputs for the four boxes below automatically. Then you scan.

  26. 60 Built Sky High Tower
    61 Built Sky High Tower
    62 Built Sky High Tower
    63 Built Sky High Tower
    64 Built Sky High Tower
    65 Built Sky High Tower
    66 money fuck? WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?

    Hahaha nice one, I lol’d

  27. How does one convert the street scanner coordinates to URLs? I tried attaching the id to but it didn’t work.

    • littleman Says:

      im not shore how you get this coordinates

      can someone help me on this

      but to add it ,remove the “en” at the end of

      and replace ” en ” with -1012662914z447938304
      then press enter an then refresh the browser

      but i need help on how to split it for lat an long
      i can see below how its done but not explained properly

  28. Umm, the buildbot seems to always generate a 409 (Conflict) when it gets a Stadium. Kinda annoying to deal with when you have a botter busy running down your bonuses and you need to put them up ASAP.

    • I think i fixed this in 7.5

      • Anonymous Says:

        Tiberious, you and all your accounts are being closely watched.

      • Tiberious Says:

        Anonymous said:

        Tiberious, you and all your accounts are being closely watched.

        @ Anonymous

        How about you quit being a coward and leave your name(s) for a start?

        But then again, I figure you’re also the same wimp who decides to bring at least 10 accounts against one. Also the ineffectual ‘leader’ who couldn’t keep pace with my defense.

        I know exactly who you are, lubczasopizma, but I would expect something like this from you.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I am onto you merely by observing. It isn’t smart to publicly post your war threats on the MCS blog. It draws attention to you, and all of your dealings.

        I can’t wait for your next fumble.

  29. can i ask what the box is for left to the button that says parse ? do i need to type anything there
    any help would be much appreciated

    • its for pasting in a string to parse for both the start and end points of your bounding box. I get them from wireshark, and parse that format, filling in the boxes for a search.

  30. Buildbot/Dozing does not seem to work if the enemy’s name contains spaces!
    Could you please fix that, or is there a workaround for it ??


    • Yeah I know. I have only one more thing to try to make it work but for some reason I get server protocol errors and I don’t know how to fix it easily.

      • Hope you’ll get it to work.
        Thanks for the answer anyway, if only MCS were that fast and determined …

  31. how does lat an long work

    in the lat it shows

    4500 4102
    -11102 -10402

    so if i wanted to search this area

    how would i do it ?

    • Ok so this is how i got it to work. Firstly you need to get another set of coordinates so that you make it a box for the bot to search in probably about 2 degrees away from both coordinates in each direction so if you want to search in that area then it would be:

      -30 -34
      150 146

      then you just add two zeroes 🙂

      -3000 -3400
      15000 14600

      try that

      • thanks , also what is the box left to the parse button ?
        would be good if u had a read me notepad on whats what an how to use


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