Street Giveaway Competition #1 CLOSED

Competition now closed. Winner has been contacted and will be announced here soon.

Saying as it now seems that the world is basically sold-out, we here at Bestcheater want to help you guys out getting your hands on decent streets. We still have a large portfolio of rather tasty streets and are going to give a few of them away to you guys.

We are going to start off by giving away a (rather modest) 56mill street.


For a chance of getting your hands on this street just leave a comment below,Β  remembering to include your ingame name and we will pick a winner at random.

P.S. In the future we might give away some of our sts worth 100mill+ so stay tuned!
PPS All of our streets were genuinely bought near the start of the game – none have been stolen – so win in good conscience.

PPPS (by 1stPl4ce): You can confirm this all this now for yourself now with my latest autobot, version7, which includes a multi-threaded street scanner.


172 Responses to “Street Giveaway Competition #1 CLOSED”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Probably noone won! They only wanted to have some traffic…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Your blog is worse than the MCS site.

  3. As the winner is not presented to the public, I’ll give my shot… DO YOU TAKE BRIBES? πŸ˜€

    Cheers m8, great idea with the lottery πŸ™‚

  4. And the winner(s) is(are)….?

  5. mmm streets: WampaCow

  6. Hope i get lucky, lol
    My name: JFOY

  7. Nice Comp. Give it to me I’ll take care of them πŸ˜€ – Ingame-Nick is mettbert1

  8. Lemme leave a comment, lemme leave a comment! πŸ™‚


    just incase I’d win πŸ˜€

    Great competition.

  9. That’s a nice initiation. My ingame name is svrider. Good luck evryone

  10. rockstar1329 Says:

    Hi, I’d like to enter. My ingame name is rockstar1329. Thanks!

  11. Fantastic Tool

    My screen name is joelledr

    Hoping to win a street πŸ˜‰

    grtz and keep up the good work

  12. Great work πŸ™‚

    ingame name = janvm

  13. […] Bestcheater and his Blog The cheaters home « Street Giveaway Competition #1 […]

  14. ColinBagnall Says:

    Great big smelly cheeses.

  15. Hell yeah! I’d like to have one of those!
    Ingame nickname – niterave

  16. hydrorage Says:


  17. My ingame name is Archpope. and I could use a really long street. All my streets are loaded down with graduating megastructures.

  18. Hi,

    I’ve already entered the competition… someone just stole all but one of my streets so a nice long one would make up for it. Anything I can do to get them back?


    • Anonymous Says:

      You guys post your in-game names to a cheating website, hosted by a hacker, and then find yourselves shocked when it turns out that someone has raped you?

      • Its like the global leaderboard, except its not ingame and the result of clicking “find an opponent to doze” lol.

  19. hi
    my name: Quexoc
    nice hp πŸ˜‰

    tank you


  20. Anonymous Says:

    ingame name: monopaulie

  21. Ingame : Sectory

    Good contest πŸ˜€

  22. i’m in πŸ˜‰

    ingame name: starfish

  23. hi!!! ingame name PASC thanks!

  24. hi in game tyler2345

  25. Hey guy
    Ingame: frenco

    Great blog !

  26. I am toqer, you are awesome bestcheater. Valhalla will sing songs of your greatness.

  27. I really want this street so please pick me πŸ™‚
    My ingame name is


    Love your autobot by the way!

  28. TOMP would like a long street please.
    Thanks for all the good work here!

  29. Tercos 1337 Says:

    Hey Guys, Ingame Name is Tercos1337

  30. Hologram Constr Says:

    My in-game name is “Hologram Constr”
    My biggest street so far is 36 million undeveloped.
    I’ve yet to make or accept any offers on any streets,
    but I’ve managed to get to the top of my local leaderboard
    at least some of the time recently. (Like just now)

    I had trouble originally building on my 36 million street
    but based on suggestions of others I have used Google Chrome.
    While not perfect, it is much faster at running the java-script
    and may be more memory-efficient. It also helps that I am
    running on Linux.

    I certainly would welcome the opportunity for an even
    longer street than I have now. Thanks.

  31. I Do love plenty of streets and I was HydroRage

  32. My nick is HerrVorragend

  33. Hi!

    My nick is jfm68

    Thanks !

  34. maolenloll Says:

    My ingame name is “maolenloll1”

  35. hey guys, very cool work, ingame is Denekro

  36. NoMoreFear Says:

    I would like to know if you could be banned just by using autobot to build???

    • I have never heard of anyone being banned for using autobot for doing anything otherwise legal in game.

      • NoMoreFear Says:

        What about hazard some1?… by the way, i’ve receive the following error:

        4 Built The Grid Building got Dozer
        Bot Error: The remote server returned an error: (409) Conflict.

  37. Can u free streets stuck in jailed accounts ?

    • I have lost two pretty decent streets to jailed accounts 😦

    • Yes. You need to find the streed ID number with my autobot street scanner, then make an offer on it either in game or in the autobot, then accept the offer (logged into the correct account) using the “manual” feature of the autobot “view offers” form.

      • 1st, do you know if I can sell or get rid off “trapped” streets in proposes that not longer exist?
        Since it is impossible to do anything with them…


      • I didnt get how to use muanual feature in autobot. Can be bit precise. Nothing happens when i put user id in manual textbox. also the streets dont appear in jailed accounts but they belong to jailed accounts when u view the streets… 😦

      • Oh grt i managed to get one street back. But still struggling with one more.. cant offer anything to it. Returns a 409 error. What to do ? Can offer ingame also to that street. it says its already part of some offer ?

      • I always get this error:

        ************** Exception Text **************
        System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (412) Precondition Failed.
        at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

        anything that I can do to solve it?


  39. dj schorsch Says:

    name: “dj schorsch”
    will take the street too ^^

  40. KristopherWindsor Says:


  41. I never knew a street worth such high value exist!
    My ingame name hazel123

  42. Geraa <- my ingame ID

    thanks πŸ™‚

  43. Hi, my name is oemsel in the game :).
    thx & cu

  44. ingame name: eshman


  45. In Game Name – ltf

    Gimme The Street

  46. Thats a very generous competition, im sure the winner will be over the moon. Thanks for the oppertunity

    In game name: mwoody

  47. DavidGrey Says:

    in game name: DGuetta
    The world is… yours!! πŸ˜€

  48. Count me in. πŸ™‚
    Ingame name: ZOKI


  49. BoxyBrown Says:

    In game name: Boxybrown

    Have you guys been having these issues with the game?

    -Streets locking up with trades. Not actually sending the offer, but locking the street by showing it as perma-offered.

    -Streets not able to be built on. It seems to correctly: Picking a building, picking the cone, take the money. But then when I build the next one, that same cone is available again, the last one wasn’t built, and if I hit refresh, the money is given back to me.

    • yeah both and more. I placed a trade between two of my accounts and its in limbo. 12 of my meager few billions is sitting on a trade that only shows up on the street info about 1/25 times. I get a trade ID and everything for it. but I cannot accept it no matter how many times I try… (i ran it in a loop a couple thousand times and it wont take…)
      The first one of yours seems related… It seems that there is more than 1 db going on and it either uses some form of replication or they cross update the dbs on every action. In either case, some transaction was not atomic across all systems and therefore the trade is corrupted. It could be recovered, however.
      The streets building problem is different and has to do with the crazy ways the street is delivered to the client (see my source for the way it has to be interpreted… sometimes you have to count an ordinal sometimes there is an id….0, and the new 400 building limit. The protocol just returns a “false” on fail to build for that reason and the UI doesn’t notify you of a reason that building failed.

      The whole cones thing is basically bad code.

      • Thanks Man Says:

        Thanks 1stpl4ce, I just found a street worth over 50,000,000 using your Autobot7.
        Great stuff!!!!

      • Yeah, I just capped my 2nd street of Sky Highs at 388. Truly lame as I have a 115mil highway I found the hard way (scrolling in random directions forever).

        Also, update on the streets in limbo issue: 2 of my best bugged streets (1 from my acc, 1 from my son’s) have been stolen by a single other player. I’ve put up min value offers on them, just waiting to see if they accept.

        Guess there’s nothing that can be done to get them back, right?

  50. Mastermind Says:

    ingame name: mastermind

    (nice site btw, keep going)

  51. Anonymous Says:

    can please someone explayn how to use the streets found with autobot?
    I always find streets like this id: -1061129474%2F410497936

    How can I use this?

    • you can either display it in the browser by using it in a link to … uhm I can’t remember but there is an URL posted in one of the very first BESTCHEATER blog entries about how to bookmark streets that I think you can use.

      Also, you can use that ID in the street searcher to buy it. put it in the first window, click parse, and it should show up in the second window. click on it, and it should bring up street details. click mark. then highlight it and click “buy” and you buy it….

      • Anonymous Says:

        ah, thanks! Than works πŸ™‚

        How is the easiest way to get the coordiantes for scanning?

      • i use wireshark

        the scanner form accepts the clipboard paste of a wireshark capture line copy. then u click parse and it figures out the coords from that. yo udefine a box by two points on the map, but using the copy/paste feature out of a wireshark capture… like this

        you use the regular game and just before you zoom in to the level where the monopoly signs and towns appears, you start the wireshark capture. then you zoom to that level where the signs and towns appear. that way the relevant calls appear at the top of the capture file. You stop the capture after you make the map double click and then look for the http request to “getstreets” or something like that. Copy that line and paste it in autobot scanner text mini-font boxes. Then you go back to monopoly and zoom out, move to the other coordinate around the box u wanna make, and just before you zoom, restart the wireshark capture again, and the copy paste for the next request to the other mini-text box control and click parse. It figures out the coords for you.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    ingame name = trojan

  53. mr nomopoly Says:

    genuinly grateful for your greatness,
    mr nomopoly

  54. HydroRage Says:

    Hi again, errr may I know about what is the source for the autobot for?

  55. ingame name is Testing

  56. hell, Id take it!

  57. MiniKellek Says:

    MiniKellek ! πŸ™‚

  58. Panikovsky Says:

    Nick: Gopneg

  59. illuminati20 Says:

    Illuminati20 I had a bunch of nice long streets but was banned for cheating. I actually never broke any rules and Hasbros incompetence cost me weeks of playing.

    Any way you could steal these streets back for me? They are still locked up in the accounts they sent to jail. I’d be willing to give you a long street ($40m) if you got my streets back for me.

    • you would need to supply the names of the banned accounts for starters

      • illuminati20 Says:

        Ok. One of the account names was “kingjaceinyoface”.

        Roads that account owned:

        1. Sugar Bowl Road, Florida (worth close to $10mil)
        2. Pennsylvania Turnpike, PA (worth $40mil)
        3. I-90, Ohio (worth $40mil)
        4. I-95 JFK Highway, MD (worth $8mil)
        5. State Route 1, CA (worth $12mil)

        The only road I want back is I-90. Whoever can steal these roads can have the other 4.

      • unfortunately, they removed all references to your roads…and I would also assume they freed them up for purchase for other players in the game.

      • illuminati20 Says:

        I also have 16 other prime streets locked up in 2 other accounts. A lot are major highways and a couple are popular streets in Vegas. Whoever can ship me back my long road in Ohio, we could work out a deal for the rest.

      • illuminati20 Says:

        They are still locked up Bosco. Search “Sugar Bowl Rd, Florida”. Click on the first link. You’ll see its still owned by my jailed account. At least thats what Im seeing right now on my screen.

      • nice piece of property for sure…

      • You can still play with the jailed account, meaning you can accept offers on the streets you own (ed). All banning does is remove the street from your account list of streets. The street property “owner” remains the same. You just need to find the street ID of the street, then use the “manual” feature of the autobot “view offers” form to see and accept an offer on a jailed street. Use the “Make offer” manual feature to make an offer on that jailed street. You need to login to autobot with the correct street owner to accept the offer. So you can use the autobot to get back your jailed streets on a banned account into a new account.

  60. I could use a nice street.

    game name “mm42”


  61. ingame name is Bigmeadow. Thx!

  62. my ingame name is rfdavid

  63. killer giveaway, thank you! game name is greasy

  64. stev3n. Thanks

  65. stev3n

  66. hey guys, a $56 mill street would sit very nicely with me….i promise to take good care of it!!!!!

    ingame name = CRUISECONTROL

  67. hi, thank you guys for your good ideas.

    ingame name: Affiche

  68. Hi Thanks for your idea.

    I start in the game, and I can’t found another road with interesting values

    MY name IG >> everglades

    Best regards,


  69. Nickname = DAWNLACEY

  70. Hey!
    Bestcheater-Homepage ist just fucking great!
    My ingame name is noboz

  71. can never go wrong with good long streets – newskoolskigy

  72. It’d be interesting to see if what everyone claims about the cones crashing their computers when building on those super long roads is true. I’ve got a bunch of ~15m streets, but nothing higher. My in game name is the same as here.

  73. Hello,

    My game name is SDG365


    Keep up the good work.

  74. Anonymous Says:

    This Blog is Awesome! It shows how much dedication and hard work you guys have put to make this game FUN AND EXCITING yet devastating for the developers to handle.

    My in-game name is JEFFREY. keep up the good work!

  75. Hi my ingame name is Denekro

  76. Congratulations for the blog!!
    my nick name is JOHNYPINDA !!!


  77. oemsel is my name …

  78. Hey! You’re doing a really good job here! My ingame name is charly333

  79. ingame name “Detlef8”

    cheers guys…

  80. hi at all my ingame name is gronph

    Thank you verry much!

  81. yea, my ingame name is hans


  82. jea, my ingame name is hanz


  83. Ipsissimus Says:

    Hi I’d love a decent street to build up as I tried to play fairly but just kept getting destroyed over and over. Just want to see what it’s like to have one of those really long streets!


    name – ipsissimus

  84. ingamenick: giggy

    thanks in advance πŸ˜€

  85. my ingame nick is saarLi

    thx bb

  86. Hey hey,

    my ingame name is AlexKrieg,
    Good luck to all

  87. Hi guys, my nick is:

    “tm g” (without quotes)


  88. HydroRage Says:

    Everybody please FUCK herbertorange4

  89. Lipuringas Says:

    My nick is Lipuringas

  90. Hello

    may game-name is AZRIMAN, thanks!

  91. ingame name is love1

  92. nick – “jackoltd”

    Create job guys, im checking this site 2-3times a day for more great tips and bugs lol

  93. Hi, thx for the work… my ig name is cirkson… .. .

    @ tchaOoΒ°

  94. monopolib Says:

    monopolib will always put some big streets to good use.
    but I don’t need your stinking charity!
    I’ll take it none-the-less πŸ˜‰

  95. Hello,

    My name is SDG365


  96. My ingame Nick is W00t

    thx guys!

  97. HydroRage Says:

    I’ll post again

  98. Kalinchen Says:

    my nick is Kalinchen
    thx for sharing πŸ˜‰

  99. roelofsen Says:

    ingame: roelofsen

  100. My ingame name is Ahnik

  101. I would love a long street. Sold a long one when it got corrupted and 400 rule came in. Might be very usefull soon …..

    Ingame name MINIP

  102. allymcbeal Says:

    Hi, would be great to have such a street!

    In game name is


  103. Hfriman is my name guys

  104. In-game name: tiffman

  105. The Apocalypse Says:

    holy shit, ONEPARKPLACE just stool half of my streets….!!?? They still show up in my property list, but wheni go to the they’re owned by him!! Is there anyway I can get them back?

    • the-reAper Says:

      hmmm… i don’t think so…better keeptrying to reverse the transaction with firstpl4ces cheat tool.

      • The Apocalypse Says:

        Have tried that but it keeps erroring, lame!! 2nd time this has happend to me 😦 Looks like he’s done this too heaps of people, not just me….

      • The Apocalypse Says:

        Lol, he just cleaned the streets of all their properties and then transferred them all to another account (THIRTYONEBENSON). I tried buying back my empty streets lol but he wont sell them back for anything I’m will to offer. Oh well, time to rebuild I guess, at least I still have three streets left….

        Note to anyone that wants to sell a decent street (15mil +) i still have about 3bil in cash so will be willing to pay….

      • harvester of sorrow Says:

        Consider your current predicament as a warning.

      • Harvester! If you got a bug let me build it into autobot. Send the details, if you dont want them public right away, to my bloodydick account on or whatever that other site is. If you really can sstill steal streets show me how!

      • harvester of sorrow Says:

        F1rstPl4ce…you re asking the wrong guy.

    • THEMK did the same thing to me. There are many victims.

    • Never use streets as part of an offer.

  106. timelord42 Says:

    ingame name is timelord42

  107. the-reAper Says:

    FirstPl4ce and BestcheAter:

    Thanks for teaching people how to steal roads…fantastic development…as i watched several of my frozen roads spread to accounts from various corners of the globe, you go and post this…and like a spoon lure to perch, they come forth.

    ..and I will strike down upon thee with greAt vegAnce and furious Anger..

  108. HydroRage Says:

    Well of Course HYDRORAGE will win the award I need these streets and damn every cheater out there who buy everything up! Please give the 56 mil or more street!

  109. This is bigtony in game name. I am dreaming to have a longer street. THX.

  110. My game name is Eon Blue, cheers guys πŸ™‚

  111. My in game name is hee, thx for your generosity and effort.

  112. You guys are awesome!! my in game name is jambi, would love to get a long st back, I had my 100mil street stolen!! Kia ora guys πŸ™‚

  113. Hi, another long street would be nice. Keep up the good work.
    name: Suriname

  114. My ingame name BIBEHB, thanx!

  115. The Apocalypse Says:

    in game name is “The Apocalypse”, thanks guys!!

  116. Amelie Poulain Says:

    My ingame name Amelie Poulain …GRACIAS !!

  117. megacoupe Says:

    I had no idea streets went as high as $56 mil…

    (btw, ingame name is megacoupe as well)

  118. Biodegradable Says:

    My nick is Biodegradable … ill wait my street thnx !!

  119. Hey guys, would love to have a nice big street to keep me interested in the game… ingame name is polglase.


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