The world is sold out….

Hiho people,

We are shocked, the world is really kind of sold out. We did a rescan of all streets above 15M value and saw that nearly none are free (3-4 are free LOL). So, what I can just offer you guys, are some statistics about what we have scanned so far. So here at first the area we have scanned so far:

MCSScan Progress 15.10.2009 16:23

MCSScan Progress 15.10.2009 16:23

We did 30,008,543 useful requests for the scan so far (so without double, and street rechecks). We have found 7,815,116 streets so far. Only 984,665 of them have a value (or basevalue) of 1M or higher. Cause we dont recheck all streets this value is very vague, but from this streets with 1M and higher we have 580,567 marked as ‘free’. Because we do rechecks of the streets above 15M, i can say that all are between 1M and 15M. We try to make a recheck of all streets above 1M next to the scan. All streets together have a value of 8,594,310,225,000.

Here are the top owners (by street count in database):

341 ‘active’
149 ‘mr monopoly’ (2 spaces)
98 ‘lima’
95 ‘root’
76 ‘yrena’
71 ‘mr monopoly’ (the real one)
69 ‘juancho’
62 ‘ccf100’
53 ‘kotek28’
52 ‘lap43’
49 ‘jennyusausa’
42 ‘hein a’
41 ‘christophoros’
41 ‘znalac’
41 ‘philanthropist’
38 ‘biglittleman’
38 ‘danson’
38 ‘guidowesterwelle’
36 ‘hknewcastle’
34 ‘serdang’
33 ‘gummiwurst’
32 ‘joehollywood’
32 ‘pellham123’
32 ‘messymesser’
32 ‘rum’

Because the database is very heavy loaded right now, i cant give much more stats, but the next days, i will recheck more streets and give much more data for you people 🙂 (like how many accounts exist, or whatever stats you request in the comments here!)

So, like always HAPPY BUILDING!
(P.S.: Next time I will also post again some still free streets, even tho nothing higher then 15M I suggest ;).)


9 Responses to “The world is sold out….”

  1. nothing for me Says:

    what is the point in people playing, if your scanning all the streets and now scanning for smaller streets not only that your asking for money for shitty streets ? but there are no larger streets to be bought

    • There are “some” hundred streets in the 5M sector which we dont touch, probably we give out a list again soon, so that others can get them. Also: the bot takes the street and gives them out, just give him 1K more then the street is in value and you can get it. Some people do this with 1M< streets.

  2. curious, how are you guys scanning the DB? I haven’t seen many specific details on how you are pulling off all your shenanigans on here.

    • its just a web request for the to /something/getstreets, passing in lat- and long-itude. That result contains all streets in a certain area… then you have the price for a bunch of streets, like you get a whole list when you move a little in the browser game. that is scanning their db through a web interface. then you put the result in your own database which you can query faster for doing calculations.

  3. Terminator2009 Says:

    You guys really did a great job.

  4. I am still in the top 5, that is strange … the ROOT account has been blocked since 2 or 3 weeks I think.


    • it could be that its not “current count”, but you owned someday those streets in our DB 🙂

      • You’ve forced devs to tell the truth about this hasbro ad game in the official-but-not-interesting blog!

        I really want to know your statistics about the longest streets.

        (Getty, if you want to sell your new purchase, or the other big one that you have, I’m who you must speak.)

      • actually we didnt forced them really, our scan is very harmless and not disturbing them. I think the guys with the bot scripts are much more intense ;).

        (and: No, forget it 🙂 I wanna hold them, but thanks for the offer)

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