Firstplace on BBC…

If you caught the latest edition of BBC’s Click program where they do a segment on MCS then you’d have just been able to make out Firstplace’s name as being top of the leaderboard when they made the segment. Congratulations also to ROOT who is number 2 on the board. Revel in the glory guys.


If you’re located in the UK then check it out on the iPlayer here.


9 Responses to “Firstplace on BBC…”

  1. goplaysomethnels Says:

    55m street for sale… send offers in the billions

  2. ERINCHRIS Says:

    can someone explain to me how some of the things you guys are doing is acomplished

    • the point of this blog is to identify bugs in the game and hopefully have them fixed. so some of the things you see here have been so fixed, and are no longer possible. others, however, still remain.

  3. coolstuff Says:

    Monopoly City Street Database
    Find out the not owned street here

  4. Woot! I made the BBC! That’s almost as good as being invited to Buckingham Palace for dinner with the Queen! Too bad I can’t watch it… LOL.

  5. Sorry the Iplayer is only for the UK people I see, so not for ROOT to watch … what is the general story of the program?

  6. Hi guys,

    I could buy some very long streets from the post of you guys and made it now on the global leaderboard! Now the walk through bulldozer hell has started. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. Great guys!

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