Monopoly City Streets recording IPs on Login

I haven’t looked into detail on this yet, but I noticed they’re actually returning your own IP address to you in the data returned when you login.

IP Address

IP Address

Of course, their privacy policy still says they don’t store IPs on their server unless you click “remember me”, but I don’t buy it:

Privacy Policy on IPs

Privacy Policy on IPs


28 Responses to “Monopoly City Streets recording IPs on Login”

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  3. kingjaceinyoface Says:

    Theres rumors going around that BestCheat and FirstPlace are now working for the enemy, Mr Monopoly.

    Please confirm or deny this.

    • playersholiday Says:

      The masterminds of this blog are working for the other team?


    • Hey, I just said the timing was right, for when this blog went silent, and bugs started getting fixed…. Don’t call it a rumour based on my speculation 😛

  4. Do you guys think you would hack MCS web and mess up the game? They deserves that..

  5. Does anyone want to sell me a 20Mil+ street?? (Note, the price of the street must be 20Mil+ without any buildings). I will be willing to pay large, just post your username and how much you want, and if its acceptable I’ll make the bid

  6. coolstuff Says:

    see all the street data here!

  7. Bestcheater ? Fuckyou ill win this game and you cant stop me !! Im PELUSITA !! Come with me (if you can) All my streets are heavily protected !! ROOT ? Fuckyou all !!

  8. kingjaceinyoface Says:

    They are logging IP’s. This game’s a fucking joke. I wish you guys would KILL this game and put it out of its misery.

    I got sent to Mr Monopolys jail btw. HAHA. Now all I get to do is create little baby accounts and throw hazards on everyones streets. FUN game. They want to spoil the game for me which I was playing legit on my main account, well Im going to spoil it for about 1,000 of their customers.


  9. macnolito Says:

    i sell all my streets again.
    he deal, you buy offering whatever price i take it, then ill buy your lower street at higher price to give your money back.

    user: macnolito

  10. iSnitchOnHackers Says:


    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching

    Read a 16 hour IRC Chat Log below

    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching


    • Oh no!! I am a hacker (using a gui tool someone else wrote) and have been exposed (someone other than BestCheater or Firstplace advertised a public blog I read)!!

  11. I have blocked since day one.

  12. Shadow_Shooter Says:

    Hello blogger,

    I just wanted to know if you would want to join us in developing a better version of the current MCS game. We are in early stages and we developers have been gathering in a place where we can share ideas upon what could have been done better and what we can do about it.

    If you are interested, check out

  13. NoBadLuck Says:

    ehm… you noticed that and you didn’t notice all the requests going to* containing all your browser plugins and other juicy stuff? My IP is of my least worry, i didn’t care to decode the base64 sent in those requests before I added that host to my adblock, but i would believe it’s all sorts of dirty secrets about me 😉

  14. I don’t think that storing the IP address is something evil… it’s common practice, why are u so surprised? and yes your ip address is sent every time in HTTP header Request[“Remote_addr”]

  15. Come on, Hasbro is not the most moral company of all time, as they simply stole a game in public domain and registered it as Monopoly.

    Why would they act so different now?

    And of course not, they don’t need ajax to know our IP. The thing is they clearly return us our IP, wich they said they won’t register, so they’re cheating. =)

  16. Do you really think they need an ajax request to obtain your ip?

  17. Probably Hasbro does not even know about this, probably Hasbro doesn’t know about a lot of things of the game …

    I would not be surprised if Hasbro did not know about all the bugs in the game, that you can approve offers that are not yours … steeling streets from other players … etc etc

    I think somebody should inform Hasbro that it’s a total mess their current game and we should ask for a restart!

    Yes another restart, that would be great …!


    • punkingpez Says:

      All in favor of another brilliant restart say “aye.”


      Honestly, the first one was so well planned and truly came back with such brilliant fixes and improvements, i don’t know who wouldn’t want another restart!! AYE AYE AYE!

    • Fuckyou !! You too!!! You cant do anything with my streets piece of crap !! you cant do anything !!! nobody!! Your baby cheats !! HaHaHa

  18. Yep, that’s true, i noticed that some time ago. Just didn’t actually looked if the IP field they returned had data or an empty string.

    But you all know that they do log or IPs, at least on the webserver logs, don’t you? =)

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