While Mr Monopoly is out to play….

Now with 503 delays, a offer maker, and some bug fixes:
Autobot V6

Version 6 ZIP MD5
Version 6 EXE MD5


Note: there was a version 5, and 1 person downloaded it. It had an experimental bot for rejecting orders in it, which I had intended to remove but I forgot cuz Im watching football too. It doesn’t work anymore anyways, with the fix on the server.

UPDATE: I always thought it was really unfair that Mr Monopoly sold off some of his streets a while back. I mean why play favorites? So I took care of one his nepotistic sales: Wall Street.

Wall Street

Enjoy your new street, proman.

The battle continues! Even though they can ban every new account I make, they cannot stop me working Mr Monopoly’s offers over.


Their failure to address the root cause of the problem is classic. They waste time chasing me down instead of fixing the code. HAHAHAHA.


Found a major super bug in the game today.

Anybody can accept or reject any offer in the game.

To prove it, I just started working on the backlog of offers Mr. Monopoly has let pile up.

You’ll note that many of the streets are now owned by players. Also many many many players will be happy to have gotten their money back.


Now is your big chance to get your hands on your favorite streets. I’ll be working until the devs figure out this ridiculous bug. It is epic, let me tell you.

-firstplace, aka Mr Monopoly’s business manager


138 Responses to “While Mr Monopoly is out to play….”

  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. Hey everyone !

    i tried this new version and it works for 3 out 4 accounts. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for One.

    I keep getting a notifiaction message saying “the characters format is wrong”.

    Anyone knows what it means ??

    And BTW ur doing a good job teaching them how big they screw up this thing

  3. AngryPlayer Says:

    will a new version of the bot be released soon?

    i need to revenge against a couple of people in the game.. =D

  4. It’s not working anymore?

  5. Want only to say i have V05 and doesent even look at it.
    So don’t worry.
    I doesnt’ even play this game. Is only so funny to see the future.
    Will MrMonopoly will get his Wall.St back? ^^

  6. Can someone tell me where to find ver 4 of the bot?

  7. Somebody stole my favourite street. Worth 55M free and ran right through Florida 😦 Anything I can do? Sad day…

  8. iSnitchOnHackers Says:


    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching

    Read a 16 hour IRC Chat Log below

    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching
    16 Hours of Snitching


  9. Tiberious Says:

    Ugh… I just bugged a very nice street that I was wanting to get moved ASAP.

    Is there any way at all to force an ownership change on one that has ‘2 owners’?

    • not sure. could try to normally reverse the trade in 24 hours, taking it back to the original account. this c/should remove it from the second accounts’s list. not sure tho. there seems to be a bug in the game that creates this problem too, ive seen lots of reports from people having this problem playing legit without the autobot.

      • yep, I had a ton of trade issues.
        -Case 1: Traded 8 streets for 1, offered streets are locked up, target player didn’t get the offer.

        -Case 2: I didn’t offer a trade (someone else “Accepted” for me and it swapped to my other acc) and when I tried to trade it back to the original owner (my 1st acc), it got locked. Says it belongs to my 1st acc, but it’s not showing on his list and can’t be built on.

        -Case 3: Traded 2 streets for 1 from acc#1. Accepted on acc#2. Two streets are locked and don’t show up on either acc list now.

        Non-cheater here saying: F this game.

    • Yes we can πŸ˜‰
      Hint: You have to use firebug

      • Tiberious Says:

        Think you might be able to teach me? I’m at the IRC chat, and it’s one I’d love to have back and buildable.

  10. No Source for 06?
    Also source for 04 and exe are different

    • since you asked ill put it up.

      source for 4 shouldn’t have been different. I released them at the same time. dunno what thats about…

      • Kool stuff. Nice work that too for free. MCS shud pay u for this regression test!! πŸ˜‰
        okie. the diff in 4 was the trade forms and related code was missing. I noticed that there is an exploit where one can re-use dozer’s and hazard cards. Used that successfully last night and before that. Will POST if it still works with few updates in the BOT.

  11. thhhxxx!
    but new issue: on big streets there seems to be a build limit… i have a 40M street with 392 grids, cant build with bot neither in browser, but can demolish 1 building and then rebuild
    so there has to be a limit somethin??

    also with other big streets… the same thing…

    • one more thing: what is fast mode anyway?
      2nd when i put demolish grids, can you put like a thingy to hit when i want to demolish all smaller buildings too? like all grids and smaller buildings?

      • fast mode is intended for very large (30m+) streets. It skips the step of getting the cones from the server, and just kinda hopes that the building spots wont change. It doesn’t work that well actually. thats a nice idea about demo all smaller… ill think about it but wont be able to get to it right away.

    • punkingpez Says:

      any more on this build limit? Is it the case? I am running into problems buildings without the use of the bot.

      Mine is more like… it let’s me build and takes my money, but no buildings appears.

      The bot may not pick up on this, so it might be a good idea to check it out to see what’s up.

  12. Big thanks to Isnitch for all the blog exposure, it’s nice when someone else advertises the place for ya isn’t it first πŸ˜‰

    • hi, thanks a lot for the Autobot update but I can`t see it in your mediafire folder. Would be grateful if you fixed this. But, I take my hat off to you!! You`re doing a great job even if you are net obliged to do this.

      Thank you

      • sorry I took it down when I realized I forgot to do something in the code. version 6 is up now.

    • Yeah kids funny. Must be new and didn’t realize you advertised the site on the global top 10. lolz

  13. 1st? gotta build before payday…. πŸ˜‰

  14. goplaysomethnels Says:

    first person to respond here with their name and street gets 900m

  15. iSnitchOnHackers Says:

    As you can see at the official blog, i’m snitching on everything said starting today, you guys better run and hide.


  16. hey 1st did you forget to put the sleeps in your bot.. im gettin a sea of 503s… cant really demo and build… 😦

  17. is it possible to cheat with change cards? i really really need some of those!!!
    some guy attacking me becouse i bought a strret from mr monopoly, but its still hown on his list, and ppl attacking mr monopoly like crazy, i am just unlucky that my street is still shown on his list 😦
    i need some park cards.
    i saw somewhere a plugin for firefox where you could change things, i just cant remember what that plugin is called.

    any help?

    • i am not sure any firefox plugin will help. the chance is generated and stored on the server. no client intervention will allow you to create chance cards other than “normal” play.

      • You are right, but still I wouldnΒ΄t wounder, if you still could build Hazards and Bonus building even without getting a chance card. But on the other hand you surely did try this out already *g*

      • each chance card has a unique identifier on it that is generated on the server, delivered to the client, and sent back to the server for validation. so there is no way I know of to hack in a chance card

  18. here is tip for you to do next. As long as I believe devs are imbecils, I guess hash is generated from nickname pwd salt etc. It would be worh finding hash source so you can generate hash for anyone…
    Do someone has saved his hash from before the restart and after the restart on same nickname and password? Are those hashes equal?

    • the hash is generated on the server, and is given to the client flash on login. It is not any simple use of the common hashes (md5 etc) as I have already checked those.

      I personally dont want to spend the time trying to figure out the algorithm and inputs they use to generate it. Could be a very difficult problem with little payoff (they can easily change the hash algo). So while in theory you could do this, its probly not worth the time.
      what is worth the time is finding protocol semantic errors like accepting other’s offers.

      the hash is, however, constant with your account so it is likely saved in a db somewhere and not regened on the fly. it would be interesting to look for web pages on the site that are not used by the flash that are for administrative purposes. if those pages are only secured through obscurity, you could get wide open access to any variety of things. I sincerely hope they didn’t deploy like this, however.

  19. it looks like the devs fixed this in the last 6 hours or so…. can anyone still cheat like this, or did they finally do their job?

    • twitchingfarewel Says:

      looks like they may fixed this

      • thank goodness.

        and you’re a clever one too….

      • humanizedorothy - gm Says:

        just need to try and find the next hole…

        anyone any money for me humanizedorothy πŸ™‚

      • lafs

      • it would be really nice if the devs would just let me play. Id much rather build and collect rent than do this.

      • devs don’t like me either… prob cos I was messing around
        got 2 keep trying to beat them, too much fun

      • if they dont let me play, what other choice do I have? I am fairly irritated they banned me after my roads got destroyed by LIFE and i created new accounts to rebuild with. i mean what else am i supposed to do when im on the top of the leaderboard and everyone is watching every move I make and fighting me with bots? pvp is fair. pv world is not. and pv devs is not either. the capriciousness of their anti cheater methods is silly. I didn’t do anything that a gazillion other people didn’t do, yet they are still playing. I just did it better than most. and for that, I am singled out. you really think the guys on the top of the leaderboard now are not early game cheaters? gimme a break.

      • yeah life is tough on the leaderboard never mind with devs chasing you, maybe they will take some comments on board and cut you some slack. they can’t not appreciate the hard work and dedication to finding ways to manipulate the game in ways they never intended.

        i expect all cheats will go once they have time to do so, clearly the game is way more popular than they thought!

    • hey admins where can I mail you some updates for Autobot Version .04

  20. dontcallmenumbers Says:

    I saw someone wants to buy bourbon street as well….

  21. Arr, is there any way to undo this exploit? Someone is using it against me, stealing all my streets. Sabotage I can handle, but this sucks!

  22. just a short question is it possible that way to reorganize streets who belong to two people?
    I tried to sell a street during 24h block and ended up with a street who is owned by two owners who both cant do anything

  23. I have a legit question for you guys…

    If you were hired by Hasbro or Tribal, how long would it take you to fix this game?

    • Depends on how screwed their code and database structure is.

      But I would say normally, even if its really bad. 1-2 days. And all now known bugs are gone. The speed is the only problem which could be much harder to solve.

    • honestly if I were put in charge, i’d go into limited release for at least 2 weeks while we iron out the bugs and game play issues. during this limited release we pick certain players (100-1000) to be official beta testers and give them something (free monopoly game etc) to participate. While it is possible to fix bugs in an ad hoc basis in 1-2 days, I think there are enough issues to warrant a couple weeks at least. i know the db needs some redesign, and I would push hard for using a commercial db, which would take some time to port over. everyone knows mysql is a dog, and not suited to large complex datasets. the ui needs alot of work both in terms of graphic design (the drop shadows are way too big, limiting your “playable” map surface), browser compat (cant get building info on IE), that stupid “reset your map” issue when you get a chance card, and the privacy policy button fires on mouseup only, not full mouse click, causing map scrolling to be bugged out.

      Id fix the negative money chance cards to be constant. I think it really sucks to lose 90% of your money every time you do any major building.

      Id want dozers and hazards limited in their frequency and application. I think its pretty silly that someone building in china can put a hazard in NYC. Id keep a record of which street the chance was generated on and limit its application to some reasonable distance around that generating street. This Keeps the pvp element “local”. Id also limit total chance cards per account per day, so none of this “build/destroy” killbot shit generating 1000000 chances per day.

      Id let streets be traded any number of times per day. This seems silly that when you accept an offer that includes a street, you can’t just sell it back immediately or offer it to someone else. I am not sure what exploit this attempts to address, other than moving money between accounts, and in that, it fails cuz you can just buy another 100k street.

      Id make rent commiserate with the street, to a progressive style like in the beginning after reset, but not so explosive. As it stands, it makes absolutely no sense to buy a street under 1 million. And it makes no sense to build any of the expensive buildings. It takes 20 days of collecting rent to break even on a monopoly tower. who is going to want to build that given the dozer card frequency?

      thats all for now….

      • Yeah, fixing the Gamelpay would take some time and would well be worth it. Announcing this round as alpha proof of concept until the redesign has been done.

        Could also generate a lot of money, if special buildings and streets with special abilities, advertising for stores that actually are in that street, would be introduced…

        But well, Hasbro and TribalDDB donΒ΄t see more in this as the advertising campain for their Monopoly game even though millions of players did start playing it, producing an unseen opportunity. This is the biggest fail, far beyound all the other failures we have seen, if you ask me…

  24. monopolib Says:

    Well done firstplace.

    Attacking Mr. Monopoly was the perfect thing to do with this exploit.

    I can’t wait to try it (I’m taking a self imposed break from monopoly for the weekend)


  25. Uhhh… If one of you guys is the person that owns the account ILLSTOPIFYOUACPT, do you mind giving me my street back? I see what you guys are doing here and I like that you are fucking up cheaters but all my money was legit besides a 500 mil handout that bestcheater gave me a week or so ago. I flipped that into a good 4-5 billion only to have one of my good streets erased by someone using your program, and that’s not cool.

    • monopolib Says:

      Kevin, if you can still build on your street, it probably was the devs who cleared your street

      this has happened to me and many others usually after the game goes down for maintenence

      • That’s the thing, I can’t build on it. It now belongs to whoever nabbed it from me. They deleted every building and left all of the bonus buildings on there.

    • illstopifyouacpt Says:

      We ARE the cheaters. I’m sorry you spend your time playing a game that doesn’t work.

      I’ve started stealing streets now as “GOPLAYSOMETHNELS.”


      • illstopifyouacpt Says:

        also, I didn’t use firstplace’s program, fyi

      • @ Kevin yeah illstopifyouacpt is also cityoffthehill and many other douche accounts. This little bitch has nothing better to do with his time than cheat this game. He says he did not use this bot but he is cheating with a bot. In fact he created the ILLSTOPIFYOUACPT account just to get a street away from me. I would never sell my street to him cause I knew he could hack and cheat chance cards and money but never get the one thing he wanted my street. Well now he can cheat me out of my streets and that’s just what he did. Big deal, everyone says it is just a game and when you have to cheat to get on top of a game you must really be pathetic. Maybe if this little kid went outside or made a friend he would find more productive things to do with himself.

    • goplaysomethnels Says:

      Thanks for the street. You know it’s worthless, it is a 2m street but I had plenty worth more than 30m, I just wanted it. It could have been you that accepted the 400m I offered for it, but instead it was me! haha! And right there you should recognize that I wasn’t playing to “win”. I am not on any leaderboards anymore. i gave away all of the cash I earned from stealing other streets, almost 10bn.

      Yes, I am smart enough to construct my own programs to play this game. Look around — who is playing this game anymore without using a third party program? I just did it early. The first time I “cheated” was when I started placing hazards on protected streets (long after I ruined you), and then when I stole streets. I started cheating more and more as I began to realize how little it mattered.

      Guess what? None of my accounts are jailed. Kevin even posted this on the real blog. This game is being run by morons, and that’s why I decided to start stealing when I could.


      • @ goDOsomethingelse, just so you know, you never ruined me, I just got bored of you. If I did not like the game I would go play something else. But the truth is I do like playing that is why I have accounts that are doing well. And FYI breaking and modding a broken game does not make you smart, if you had any intelligence you would know that you’re being immature. If you want to hack and break the game fine but ruining it for the people that want to enjoy it for what it is means you just need a hug.

      • goplaysomethnels Says:

        Let’s see.

        You had a street I wanted, I stole it from you: 1 point me

        You had multiple accounts, every one I knew of I reduced to 0 rent: 1 point me

        Your only recourse is calling me immature: 1 point me

        You still seriously play a broken game: -1 point you

        I think you need a hug.

  26. it doesnt show me the streets anymore in roxartch account? how can i put offers on my old streets? i could transfer my last 300M that I had on a new account but nothin else 😦

  27. dontcallmenumbers Says:

    hey 1stplace !!!

    could you go through mr monopoly’s streets again….
    he’s got some pending offers….

    I admire your work!


  28. Someone got a 10Mio Street for me?

  29. Tiberious Says:


    Autobot v4 doesn’t work with names with a space in them.

    Is there any way to access a profile with a name with spaces?

    • yeah i am aware. Ive tried to make it work, but the server keeps responding with a malformed http response. I could fix this but it would require completely replumbing the whole application to not use HttpWebRequest / Response classes which make the app easy to write. I don’t want to replumb the whole thing to accommodate this server fail. sorry.

      • It’s possible without big changes:
        Encode the space in the name url-like and append a LF at the end of the name, e.g. name “Jon Doe” needs the entry “Jon%20Doe%0A” in the enemy-field.

        Maybe this is easy to implement in the source, so a future version of AutoBot will do this automatically.

      • Ill give it a rip thanks scrub

      • yeah its not working for me…. at least when trying to create a new profile in my app for a player. your suggestion might work for other features tho.

  30. Okay try this for size…
    create a new account and buy some property (Property A)… then trade that property with some random account (Property A). Login to your BOT tool with another account, and accept the trade.

    Notice that the Property A will go to the account you logged in with the BOT. and Property B goes to your new account. The Third party gets screwed.

  31. Got it… lol

  32. hm I haven’t figured it out yet… anyone want to give me a hint? πŸ™‚

    • you need to get the street id that has the offer on it. i use wireshark when i click to get the street info.

      then you use the autobot trade feature and put in the street into the manual box. click the button, and the offer shows up. then you accept or reject the offer.

      you need version 4 of the bot

      • interesting… that’s exactly what I tried and received an error (409) Conflict

        Someone mentioned it doesn’t work for all streets?

      • that error might indicate that the street is in 24 hour lockdown

      • Good find first of all.

        How does wireshark work to locate the id of the street? I’m a bit confused as how the id of the street can be found.

      • wireshark is a packet sniffer, and can capture network traffic. so basically you start a capture, then perform an in-game action. then in wireshark you can see what that action produced in terms of http requests. you can then just read the streetid from the packet.

      • the street id is that at the link generated by the share button

        firebug also helpful

  33. Just to tell you they have put me into jail …


    • Yeah i know…. sucks don’t it. espec when you’ve done nothing that a gazillion other people aren’t doing too…. it happened to me, which is what started this whole fiasco with the autobot. revenge is sweet.

      • Go for it!

        Mmm how did they do it … I had indeed several accounts but they were not obviously trading with each other …. so they most have done this on the same password I used for these accounts … I will sent my laywer to ask for a privacy check on the database they use in the UK … if the passwords are stored hashed or not! ….

        In their privacy policy it is stated that cookies are used:” We will not be able to identify you individually from this” it also states that “We do not store any IP addresses on our databases unless you check the remember me…” … so for me it’s a mystery on how they knew I had several accounts.

        They most be violating their Privacy Policy or scanning on the same passwords … used for accounts!

        My accounts …. they were like the INDEX, MR ITALY, MSS MONOPOLY, … but all these accounts where filled with the money that I received from bestcheater …aka the 100 Billion $ I received (on account UNITED STATES) for free just before the rent change …. πŸ™‚ and the deletion of his accounts.

        So in fact bestcheater was in the top 10 with 2 accounts!

        It took them like a fucking 2 weeks to figure this out!

        Actually I am happy they put my accounts in jail, because All play and no work makes Jack a poor boy πŸ™‚


      • your password is sent in clear text over http, and your ip is always logged on the web server. so while they might not keep in the “database”, there is a log of your activity that they can directly point to you by IP. So their failure is more than just storing your pass in cleartext on the db, they fail to use https even. So you can sniff out any monopoly passwords on your subnet. Further, none of the “game messages” are encrypted either, so if you can steal an account hash, you can pretty much do EVERYTHING except login. Its actually a pretty hilariously un-secure application. furthermore the actually game messages aren’t even validated correctly, which is what creates the bug we are exploiting today. all in all this game was written by novice programmers who have no idea what they are doing. and they think their all super with it using shitty mysql and php. gimme a break. everyone knows mysql blows chunks. php is alright, but im not a huge fan of it. and the denormalized data design creates all the funny corruption bugs like streets owned by multiple players. if they had invested in a real db, then they wouldn’t need to denormalize. they are so noob its kinda tragic to watch them drown in their own vomit.

      • I will write to Hasbro than … as they have the following in their privacy policy ….

        First sentence …. “Hasbro and its group of companies are committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with a secure online environment.”

        Also : “Your date of birth, username and password, if you have requested it, your IP address goes into a secure database located in the United Kingdom controlled by Hasbro and will be held there for as long as the monopolycitystreets.com site is running. ”

        It’ say’s “secure” database … what does secure mean then for Hasbro … and what did Tribal understand by “secure”

        I have the impression that Hasbro and Tribal are not fully on the same level here …. πŸ™‚

        Are we all lucky they did not ask for an email address etc … πŸ™‚

        The one thing that was the same for these accounts was the password, all other, like birth, question was different … so they must have done it like that …

        IP is maybe logged on the webserver but not necessarily linked to an individual accounts … if you know what I mean as it violates their privacy policy πŸ™‚ They would do that would they?

        From a Tribal point of view that would be a contract breach, violation of the contract between Tribal and Hasbro on terms of the privacy policy … Hasbro was very strict on that, that’s also the reason why they did not ask for an email address …. πŸ™‚


  34. payday!!! Says:

    This is so cool! Can’t wait for rent. Why build up my property and take the chance of paying M30+ million in Chance card fines. When I can just take the properties of the top players who already built them up.
    Btw- if you need help on the MR Monopoly account just let me know and I can accept offers for you too!

    • Go ahead… its getting boring actually… and not many people are placing new ones. I just go through mr monopoly’s street list manually looking for offers on streets where mr monopoly is still the owner.

      you could end up screwing over players who paid for it last night by accepting new offers for them… you end up with the cash for the offer instead of the street owner. So be careful make sure mr monopoly owns it before you accept any offers.

  35. BTW, it is clear they are monitoring my IP address. I created a new account and did NOTHING illegal at all, but it got banned about 5 minutes later. They aren’t stopping my IP from creating new accounts yet.

    can’t wait to release and get a new IP when they do. and even if they do my whole subdomain, I can remote into other machines on other networks and play from there.

    Dear Mr Monopoly,

    You are wasting your time chasing me down. Fix the code. NOW.

    – firstplace

    • Like stated above in their privacy policy it’s mentioned that IP address will not be stored … they do not mention that they track the IP address …

      They should mention this clearly that they track IP address to pinpoint individuals … but that is not allowed in many countries …

      If I where you I would also file a complaint with hasbro as probably the devs of TRIBAL act here on a stand alone case and they are probably not aware that it’s illegal – according to the privacy policy of Hasbro!


      • privacy policies don’t mean shit, they just there to make sheeple think they are dealing with a nice company.

    • they banned your first 5 account and saying one ip 5 account

  36. dammit im in jail… but i didnt cheat… just build with the bot and had 5 accounts wtf? Oo

    damm hasbro

    who can help to unjail? πŸ™‚

    • you can’t unjail, afaik. you *can* still play with a jailed account, but they have some keyboard monkey who’s entire job is chasing down the banned accounts and re-banning them every time you do something.

  37. Looks like they banned ROOT and INDEX even though they were innocent bystanders as far as I know. HAHAHAHA. Sorry guys.

  38. They just banned humanizedorothy’s account…. looks like the devs finally woke up from their hangover

  39. double streets double fun!! Says:

    My streets on one of my accounts is totally messed up. They show up in my list as doubled. Their database is really messed up. I can make an offer and accept it TWICE. Doubles the amount to the seller and the buyer only pays ONCE! Only thing is the street shows up TWICE in your list…. Wonder if I will get double rent tonight!!! Woohoo!!!

  40. 1st nice one again! πŸ™‚

    but can you pls put a sleep of 2.1 seconds between your requests in the bot?
    i can demolish only like 3 green houses and then get 5 times 503 and shut down…

    then handle 503’s and 409 better, on 503 put sleep 45 seconds on 409 sleep 5 seconds
    and not break…

    should be better πŸ˜‰

  41. and just when I thought this blog couldn’t get any more entertaining…

  42. Somebody called HUMANIZEDOROTHY approved the offer I made to MR Monopoly for Coventry Street ….

    I hope HUMANIZEDOROTHY is not able to approve the “Steenstraat” offer that is outstanding on my account to somebody else! As this should be impossible as the “steenstraat” is less than 24 hours in my possession!

    I think I will need to report this irregularity to Tribal!

    Somebody found the admin1234 password!

    I will call their hotline!

    This game is becoming totally ridiculous … I am trying to make an honest $ …

    I heard they are making a movie about this game …

    “A Bug’s Life in the real world”


    • anyone can accept or reject any offer in the game

      • πŸ™‚ I was being cynical πŸ™‚

        Well can you accept the offer of ABCDEFX made on steenstraat that is currently in my account ROOT ?

        I would like to ship this street before MR Monopoly wakes up!


      • need any programming knowledge to do it?

      • I don’t see this offer.

        No you dont need any programming knowledge, although you need to use my autobot, version 4, and know HOW to do it in there. Its actually quite easy.

      • The offer is indeed gone!

        Somebody else tried already to execute it probably … as I did not reject this good offer.

        But can you avoid the 24 hrs street owners delay or not?

        When I add FAILURE to my friends I see that he rejected the offer πŸ™‚ in my place …

        I will need to wait until that other guy makes the offer again …


      • thanks 1stpl4ce. I figure how it works now.

        I tried it with my another acc and fount that it doesn’t work for some streets.

        Anyway, I am just curious to know. I won’t use it on others.

        Thanks again


      • No you can’t get around the 24 hour trade restriction.

  43. Well, Mr Monopoly woke up and figured out what I had done and banned my accounts I used last night. Good thing I can always create new ones.

    Anyways I accepted a bunch more offers for him. I really should get paid for this. Its almost work!

  44. Haha, nice one. Can I get Lake Shore Drive in Chicago or Lombard Street in San Francisco?

  45. Can you also deviate from the 24 hrs street owners rule with your method?


  46. Thanks Buster (Failure) ….!

    If you need it you can buy it back anytime πŸ™‚

    BTW, their Database is totally fucked up … I think they are preparing to retire the game … for an undefined period …. it’s too quiet on the Hasbro/Tribal side ….

    I have a street in my property list that is not mine … with an offer on it … I cannot approve because the street is not mine … I presume there are many cases like this …

    If you could give me the link to that giant alaska hwy I can make an offer and keep it in my portfolio for you ….


  47. I would like to buy this other street also that alaska hwy or something to you have the link, I can make an offer and you could approve ….

    What do you think?

    I can give the back to you if you need them!


  48. Dear Secretary,

    I made an offer for Seneca Creek Greenway Trail for 4Billion Dollars … would you be able to approve it … apparently it’s still owned by FirstPlace …


    • Looks like somebody else accepted the deal for you on Seneca. Congrats! Its a nice big street.

      • Thanks!

        Like said they are probably planning to quit the game … it’s been a too bumpy road to go on like this I think …

        Probably they are building their WAR ROOM now on how to react…

        First thing the devs do in the morning is not checking their emails but just checking this blog, than they know what to do today πŸ™‚


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