BIGROADTHIEF steals my streets


Either we’ve got some devs who have found a creative way to get back at us, or someone has figured out some ridiculous exploit.

This evening I took at look at one of my accounts, big road spoiler, and I notice the value of my streets has gone down over the past few hours unexpectedly.

I sit back, and watch the houses disappear from my streets.

I then look at the street, and while it shows up in my street list, it shows the owner as bigroadthief, and he’s selling off houses faster than I can imagine.

Before too long he’s done this with 4 streets.

The streets showed up both in my street list and his player profile. But I couldn’t build or sell or do anything to them.

He took out

Then all of the sudden, his account disappears. He no longer seems to exist. Those streets still belong to his account though, even though I can still see them in my street list.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve come across in this game.

Kudos who bigroadthief, either you’re a dev, and I applaud your devious way of getting back at us, or you’re another exploiter, who’s found the king of all exploits.


22 Responses to “BIGROADTHIEF steals my streets”

  1. ahoy there.

    some cheeky kiddy named LOFTY created multiple accounts to sabotage my game ‘fairly’.

    if anyone out there wants to test out a new bot and introduce him to cheating for real, then i would be most gratified.

    fry that piece o’ sh*t!

  2. iSnitchOnHackers Says:

    As you can see at the official blog, i’m snitching on everything said starting today, you guys better run and hide.

  3. bigroadthief Says:

    Curious how spoiler, a guy who runs around destroying other people’s roads then comes here and complains. The nerve!

    • He is not complaining about the why, but about the how, and it was an quite interesting post.

    • You obviously took my postings to heart. Like I said before ANYONE can accept or reject ANY offer in the game. So it is obvious what you did. You made an offer on his streets and accepted it too. You got the street and destroyed it with a bot, probably mine. You’re welcome!

      • bigroadthief Says:

        Only you, 1stpl4ce, could figure out how I did it. Good deduction. Too bad you didn’t think of it first!

    • monopolib Says:

      🙂 no ones complaining. I was congratulating you on a well executed exploit.

      Job well done

  4. your street I-55 is owned by bigroadthief and by the player resaler too … it’s ridiculous

  5. MSC site break for everyone about 20mins ago (at around 11:00gmt)?

    • Site is back but won’t let me build or send offers. Keep getting “Someone beat you to it…” or “..slow down” errors

  6. For the moment MCS is down again without maintenance sign …. man it’s a real high maintenance bitch they created … or is it just my pc that’s doing funny …

    This game is just like a Box of Chocolates … you never know which street you are going to lose next or if you account will still exist.

    The MCS blog man is also undergoing maintenance I think … there was no link to the blog anymore after the maintenance last time .

    They also did not give any feedback on the maintenance etc etc etc …

    Maybe hasbro did not pay the invoice of Tribal … and Tribal pulled the plug 🙂


    • ROOT – create a wordpress account and you can be an author on this blog if you want.

      • Damn, they have put me into jail ….

        Why I do not know, probably the devs are the bit touchy on what I said on this blog!

        They probably needed my money as their bank account was empty!

        I did not even install the bot nor did I built any houses with ROOT as being on top doesn’t make any …


        I see if I can get an account.

  7. Someone figured out, that they only use a 7 char string to represent the username in the database and so you can override the owner of a street by using a nick that has the first identical 7 letters 😛

    Just kidding, or? …

    • Ok, I guess I know now what really has happened.

      This was not someone using an exploit, he wouldn´t at least be able to delete his account (unless he used some kind of SQL injection)

      So I think, that the only guy at tribal DDB having a slight understanding of SQL left the boat since he was obviously intelligent enough. So their only way in fighting cheaters is to use accounts plus some special admin features which are already in place for testing(?).

      The reason for the maintenance time is clear now, too. They couldn´t cope with the neccessary street steal/deletion and needed to stop player in playing to catch up by deleting houses one by one on suspicious streets *G*

  8. coolstuff Says:

    u all may try try this to find the not owned street!

  9. Big road spoiler?
    You hit me a couple of days ago.
    Thanks …!?&@$#*

    • monopolib Says:

      Sorry about that

      most of my attacks are automated

      I automatically look for big streets that will earn a lot of rent and try to prevent that 🙂

      I’ve decided to be more peaceful now though, since fighting with othe players will only be interesting once all of these exploits are fixed

      • you screwed my streets as well! 🙂
        in way saved a lot of my time – no longer playing this excuse for a game

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