We’re still here…

So we’ve been inactive over the last week – we’ve not been gone, just busy. But tonight we thought we’d take a few minutes to let you guys know we’re still here.


Things didn’t go completely to plan, it was suppose to read:
…but the game is so bugged it still can’t work out who should be on the global board. Oh well.


5 Responses to “We’re still here…”

  1. iSnitchOnHackers Says:

    As you can see at the official blog, i’m snitching on everything said starting today, you guys better run and hide.


  2. iamwonton Says:

    haha… the site was down a lot today and then i log in and 2 of my streets have lost all their buildings…sheesh… any handouts left?


  3. Looks like their dba just showed up to work. You are off the leaderboard. I think its great that their whole anti-cheater effort is manual, ad-hoc, and targeted only at the leaders.

  4. nice to have you still around

  5. cityoffthehill Says:

    great work once again

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