My Monopoly Autobot (Windows Only)

EDIT/CLARIFICATION: This post is written by Firstplace. Bestcheater does not use/advise the use of an autobot. Use at your own pleasure.

I have gotten to a point where I want to share this with people. Its got bugs, its hard to figure out, and it generally sucks rotten eggs, so don’t bitch at me if you don’t like it. But it works for me. Use at your own risk.

Note: It requires you to log in, and requires you to enter your password, and saves out your hash to an xml file where ever you put it so you’ll need to have write privs in the directory you put it. Because it asks for a password, you are WELL ADVISED to verify the application is authentic, as a hacker could try to create a version that emails him your password. I used to taunt you here, but I got banned. Lol.

New Version 3 fixed login bug with mixed upper/lowercase usernames.
My Monopoly Autobot, Version .0000000000000003

MD5 Checksum of the ZIP file
version 2 : 037D3000D8E6C82738B8E133CCA7A66F
version 3: BDE5F54F4BB98B0C00D1A7A13860169C

MD5 Checksum of the EXE file
version 2: 5D8B86B794710EC423404CCE8E038D91
version 3: D78213FA58F1E1348AAF1CE22B24EBF6

Verify this with any decent MD5 checksumer. I use the one i found

Get the sourcecode here, if you want it.

OVER 400 Downloads!



65 Responses to “My Monopoly Autobot (Windows Only)”

  1. hello when i click on profile NEW it errors and says the system cannot find the file specifed running windows XP what i’m i missing

  2. @1stpl4ce on your next update of the autobot could you please include a free only tick box on the street searcher so that it can automatically find the free streets and mark them?

  3. RevengeIsSweet Says:

    hey guys what am I doing wrong? Trying to start the autobot, but keep getting.

    The server committed a protocol violoation. Section=ResponseHeader Detail=CR must be followed by LF.

    Hook a brother up so I can destroy 15 level 3 punks who are ganging up on me for the last four days.

  4. Hi, i am am a Mac user and not so familiar with windows. When i try to start the Autobot i get a the application error
    The application failed to initialize poperly (0x0000135)

    What does that mean, what can i do..

  5. I think I figured out what the dozer error is (on enemy streets). If the street has a bonus building, the dozer won’t automatically target that and gets an error when trying to demolish a normal building.

    What I’ve done to get around this is log in and out in a browser as soon as I see a dozer card error. I can then use it wherever as long as the bot doesn’t get another chance card first.

    • I have been noticing some rather weird things about the streets info protocol. If the street is full up of buildings, I get a different format of street data than if one space is free. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet, but will be looking at things today and might be able to fix the bot to accommodate this. Will let u know.

      • hi, would be very gentle if someone fixed the various errors we get all the time. This AutoBot is a hundred times better than other scripts, cause an autobuild script always stops if we get a chance card. But this Autobot is Browser-independent and so much faster and easier to use. I can turn the AutoBot on, go an do something else and when I`m back the street is done. Using scripts you have to sit all the time in front of the screen and wait for a chance card so that you have to reinitialize the whole process


      • Thanks for your support. I am working on it.

  6. lol…
    I didn’t use any cheat or script before yesterday but still result in loosing all properties on every single streets….

    I’m not sure if they are trying to punish the cheaters…but now I’m one of those legit player who just wasted all effort from whole damn week and now I am forced to became a cheater…

    I’m sick of building one single building using 60 seconds where bot only uses 0.5 seconds automatically…
    I wont spend so much time on this game since one day they will retard again and destroy all the effort…

    so ya…good job making more people favour the cheating way …. coz it’s actually more fair.

  7. ok 1st
    tested a little

    has to be a bug in using dozers, always 409 or other errors

    then on another account cant use at all, always 409 and stopping, but close browser…

    • same as this happens with dozers on an enemy target:

      14 Built The Grid Building, SchoolBot Error: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (409) Konflikt.

      • This one I noticed too last night. I am not sure but one of the return codes from the server keeps changing its meaning every day or two. Sometimes it means a prison, sometimes a school, and now it apears to mean a park. When you see the school error, you actually have park to build. So if you stop the bot, click the park button, it should build a park.

  8. cool bot, thx
    i was so tired to build, build, build…

  9. WOA this suckers. I didn´t cheat, but after the reset, my longest, oldest street full of 500+ houses is now empty!!!

    Ah just as I thaught this game couldn´t possibly suck more…

    • Just got this outorespose, lol:

      Thanks for your email!

      MONOPOLY City Streets is one of the most popular online games in the
      world at the moment, and we are receiving thousands of emails a day.
      We’re answering them all as quickly as we can!

      Most popular online game, jeah sure…

  10. the-reAper Says:

    Vizier..time to talk…


    • whatup

      • the-reAper Says:

        1) is there a way we can get in direct (private) contact with eachother?

        2) what language is your script written in?

      • yes you can leave me private messages on messageboard. My handle there is bloodydick

      • The sourcecode is posted. It is written in c#, .net 3.5

      • the-reAper Says:

        it’s a shame I am a programming dinosaur…i don’t know C#…let’s just say I am now highly motivated to inflict some pain – and I have got time on my hands.

      • Its pretty easy to pickup. You need visual studio (there is a free version if you need it), and you can use my project as a learning tool.

      • the-reAper Says:

        okay, well i have a unused laptop I can put into commision for this little project…let me get back to you…have to run out for a short while. How many more hours are you contactable today?

      • the-reAper Says:

        I am thinking we shoudl try something slightly more grandiose and sinister…

        Do you think we could develop a better version of their game?

      • Not alone. I could dev, lead, or pm it tho.

      • the-reAper Says:

        Excellent…this is exactly what my thought is…time to recruit. I am working on Harry Ji….the guy built a $5B dollar road manually…this says something at least about his work ethic…

  11. punkingpez Says:

    Been trying to figure this out for a while now, and have had no luck, so i figured i’d ask you all if you know…

    So, the street ID is a lat/lon point, but how the heck did they derive that point for that street?

    I’ve taken the openstreetmap data and tried just about everything i can think of, and i can’t come up with the id that matches their id.

    I did this with a really small road, that had only 4 nodes on it in openstreet. I used those 4 points to do things like find the midpoint, find the average, i used the start and the end points only. I tried a ton of things, but none of the resulting lat/lon points were what they used.

    Has anyone been able to figure out how they came up with the IDs for the streets?

  12. Anyone else think the servers will be permanently “down for maintenance?”

  13. punkingpez Says:

    given their utter display of incompetency thus far, can they really get those variables out of the query string so these scripts won’t work anymore?

  14. Check mine out, maybe not as good as 1stpl4ce’s but helps using the game without any external app.

  15. the-reAper Says:

    You guys have done it now…they shut the server down. I have used many of your tips and tricks (notwithstanding the scripting), and think my goose is finally cooked!!

    So much hard work, and I may lose it all! =(


  17. How to use the search function?

    • you use those lists posted here with the coords with z seperating. I pasted in the stuff from the post into excel, ran “text to columns”, and copied out the coords to the first box. then you click parse and it converts them to the second box. then you click on the individual entries and it goes and looks up the info from the game. then you can mark them when u find one that is “free” then you can buy it.

  18. Found a bug :
    It doesn’t accept password including numbers.
    Just did the test.

    Could you correct it ?

    • It must be something else. I just created a new account. Nick: decastor Pass: 12345678

      I was able to login with the autobot. You can test yourself if u like.

      • I’ve got a password with numeric and alpha characters, but I got an error “uncorrect field format”.

        It works with account having only letters or only numbers, but not the both for me 😦

      • In fact, I don’t get why it doesn’t work :/
        I tried with an account having the same password than mine (including numbers and letters), and it works.
        But my main account doesn’t work :
        When I write it in capitals (shift), it tells me error 412 : Precondition failed
        when I wright with small letters, it tells me (I’ve got a french error message box) someting like : “The entry-field format is uncorrect”

        Any idea ?
        Maybe because when I registered, I did include some capitals in my nick ? But in MCS, I can log using non-capitals or capitals.

        i’m lost here :/

      • Yup thats a bug and I just fixed it. You need to use all lowercase when logggin in, I think.

        Version .000000003

  19. I won’t use the bot. But I want to tell you guys the best hash application IMO is HashTab for Windows:

  20. hmmm:

    Starting bot
    1 Built Blanco Bastion
    Bot Error: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (409) Konflikt.
    Bot Error: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (409) Konflikt.
    Bot Error: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (409) Konflikt.
    Bot Error: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (409) Konflikt.
    Bot Error: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (409) Konflikt.
    Bot Ending.


    • with and without fast mode on
      however if you can post a little doku about the buttons?

      what are the bonus buttons eg stadium?

      and what could this error be?


      • 409 equates to “somebody beat you to it”, which can mean a whole variety of things. Sometimes the server is busy and hasn’t really finished. Sometimes the street is bugged. Or you could be doing things with that account in the browser and that interferes. Or it could be something else.

      • The buttons at the bottom are for manually doing one of those if you get a chance and it doesn’t get auto-applied. So if you have a chance, you can select a target and then click and it will go place or doze that one.

  21. heiho, starting to test 🙂
    what happens if i put dozers on my own street? kills hazards if there are any and if not what happens?

    • yeah you can delete the value from dozers combo and it will skip your dozer cards. if you put a self street, it will search for hazards and delete. If you put an enemy street, it will search for bonuses and delete them. Once all the bonuses are gone it starts working of rent producers buildings.

  22. Same thing here:

    The Remote Server returned an error: (412) Precondition failed.

    when I enter my unsername and pw

    • unless I get a username/pass combo to try that exhibit this bug, I wont be able to figure out what is wrong. Maybe you could create a dummy account with the same behavior and post the info here? Or you could send a message to messageboard member bloodydick. that is me also.

  23. Still doesn’t work here 😦

    • name with space in it? account with no streets?

    • Its been downloaded 100 times now. Its either really good news or really bad news that you are the only feedback I’ve received. Yikes!

    • I dont have a name with space in it and ive got a normal account with 4 streets.

      If I try to add an account the following error occurs: “The Remote Server returned an error: (412) Precondition failed.”

      Btw: It would be awesome if u could publish the source code. :p

      • I could send you the source. But I wouldn’t want you to distribute it. Just find the bug and either fix it for yourself or tell me the problem and I could fix it. I could put it in the official release version. I am worried about people making hack versions that steal passwords.

      • Oh ok. I understand your thoughts. Well it’s up to you. Maybe you can fix the error. You wouldnt have to trust me then ^^

      • Well Ludo showed me that with the proper disassembly tools, you can get all the source code right out of the app, even with the proper variable names and such. I didn’t know .NET apps were so easily converted back to source. So I will release the source now. No point in trying to hide that which is so easily unhidden.

      • Impressive code! You did well!

      • Oh its got a ton of stupid little bugs in it…. not checking nulls and such. And I could do more cool stuff with disabling buttons and other elements that shouldn’t be dorked with while the bot is running. Its kindof a hack I threw together while being attacked and I had to get it working, not idiot proof. But thanks!

      • 1stpl4ce, next time you can use the Dotfuscator to make the code unreadable if you want to prevent someone copying it.

        It will replace all variables, methods, classnames, etc with a,b,c,d ….

        A a = new A(b,c);
        B d = a.a();

        already really hard to decode…

  24. Yah I got banned this morning, but I am not sure its because of the Autobot. All I’d done with my autobot, in game, is to defend against LIFE and I retaliated against one guy who kept attacking Alaska. And I hadn’t released it. And I think LIFE is still on, who i reported on before I even started writing my autobot. So its either for my previous activities, which I stopped using any more than 5 accounts a week ago. But they were all out in the wild, so I made 2 new ones. IRONKANGAROO and STEELKANGAROO and attacked this south america dude who kept attacking alaska. I built em up with the autobot and about a billion dollars each.

    And the autobot has been dl’d now almost 100 times.

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