Rate limiting requests?

It appears that the Monopoly City Streets servers have begun rate limiting requests, slowing those down who may be making requests at an inhuman rate.

"Please slow down", says Mr. Monopoly

"Please slow down", says Mr. Monopoly

Let us know if you figure out exactly what the rate limits are and we’ll be sure to post when we know more.


26 Responses to “Rate limiting requests?”

  1. iSnitchOnHackers Says:

    As you can see at the official blog, i’m snitching on everything said starting today, you guys better run and hide.


  2. i need fuckin more big streets :||||


  3. Ah, and thanks to Frank J. for sharing the link. I love this bot πŸ˜€

  4. Hello,

    I love to read this blog and either the blog of MCS. It is so much fun to see, that Tribal don’t get the bugs fixed and you use these bugs to make your things. πŸ™‚ Like a racing duel.

    To be possible to play with some guys who try to damage my main user I’d like to ask you for some “donation” on my new created “powermoon”. It don’t have to be billions, but a few millions will be very nice.
    Thanks and take care.


  5. I’m getting fed up! I had a half billion yesterday which I couldn’t spend due to lag. Last night I got hazzarded so only got less than half billion in rent. Lags the same today. No chance of spending it all.
    Thinking about quitting – anyone want some money / streets?

  6. well yesterday i was having a lot of issues using the script but today is just fine…

    hey FP do u have sum money to share plz?


    • i wish i did but I am trying to win now that they aren’t restarting. when I get a good lead again ill start helpin out. but after lifeisahighway blew out my moneymaker, ive been conserving 😦

  7. Well they’ve broken one of my accounts with this feature, goodness only knows how they’ve managed that, but I can’t build anything, anywhere, however slowly. I thought maybe it was just long streets, but I’ve bought new very short streets and I still get the same problem despite waiting over 2 minutes between each click.

  8. Anyone available to to give me some monies? Around £1bil, need to take down the leader of my local leaderboard who keeps raping me on a night! 😦

  9. i think they need to change their server.if it goes fast and you build it tells you to slow down.pfffffffffff

  10. Just added a usleep(1100000) to my script and now I no longer get the 503 errors. So I assume it is just a more than 1 / sec limitation.

  11. well, for the record, I really ahte the scripters…wtf is the point of the game if you are going to code it…fk sakes..

    as for the request limit….i hit it building manually…so what does that tell you???

  12. can some1 share some good scripts?

  13. In Germany is rely fast. Build(and get Streetinfos) commands faster than 1sec will generate this error. Waittime of 1sek. will work.
    (Will happe on a 120k Street to)
    Buildozing fast will still normal.

  14. Well, let’s hope that doesn’t break my M$500.000 chance card generator thingy.

  15. it happens on the streets which are over 10m

  16. Would be interesting to know how they are implementing it. Judging by their previous programming efforts I assume it’s something simple like x requests per second/minute.

  17. Script kiddy protection. Add a sleep to your scripts. Lol.

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