new streets at payday

Surprise people,

we made a small package of 2041 streets between 10M and 30M, which we will post on this blog around rents due, so stay tuned and visit us at rents due tonight!


5 Responses to “new streets at payday”

  1. Are all these streets in US?

  2. Awesome! I spend so much time looking for a huge road, but cant seem to find any 20 million+ that aren’t taken :(. Also I don’t understand how people (like firstplace) have a road that is worth BILLIONS but doesn’t have ANY buildings or anything, I guess I don’t understand how the top people are making their cash (besides multiaccounting, and transferring funds, but that doesn’t explain it after the rent nerf) and id love to know to help myself get up there /sigh.

    I sold my other smaller streets and bought a couple of those 10-20million streets posted earlier, and am very appreciative of that. If you are still giving out any money, I could use some to build those up more and hopefully buy one over 20million that you post later and build that up, heh. My username is this one, 1 bill would be nice, but I would take anything. Been following this blog for awhile, and I support this “fight” against the devs to actually care about this game and do more! Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! I will be watching :D.

    • gettygermany Says:

      the roads that cost “billions” are always broken or a technical defect. We checked lots of those streets, and you can clearly see that those streets are existing out of a bug in the software. We only give out streets that are “totally flawless”, even tho that is hard to say in this kind of flawed game 😉 lol. I can say: anything above 1.000M is totally out of a bug. Our biggest street we found is for now 170M, which is totally legit in any way. And NO YOU DONT GET IT, ITS MINE!!!! :-P. And beside using that “broken streets” the “top dudes” really only do it with efficient tactic out of using multiaccounts. Any other cheat, just take more time to get the target.

  3. I like the “cheats” where the system is flawed and by manipulating the flaws, you get a net benefit. That being said, I am not too happy about the information that there are people scripting their contructions and demolitions. That is hardly fair. I have spent hours and hours building – probably in and around 24 hours in the last 3 days… So I hope best cheater and crew will continue to attack the scripters – because up until the scripting, an average joe who does his research still has a chance. I have been able to bring a few players (one worth 5 times my value) to their knees, whilst digging in and protecting my property by building uniformly and puttin up major bonus buildings.

    Just my thoughts. Nonetheless, I will will be by tonight to look at that road list. Quick story: I hunted for 6 hours for expensive roads, and chanced upon a 35 million dollar road that some other dude bought just a few hours before payday…needless to say I was unimpressed – so I have made it my mission to coerce the property into my hands by sabotaging him as much as possible, in the hopes I can make an offer “he can’t refuse” on the property. That being said, if I can get my hands on a nice $30M propety through your list, it would save me and him alot of grief.. ; )

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