Oh my… just finished an epic battle that began yesterday around the server reset with LIFEISAHIGHWAY.   Let me tell you, he is one formidable foe.  I was successful, however, in ensuring my rent was paid 🙂 !!!
It was clear by about 11pm last night that LIFEISAHIGHWAY was using a script to build and doze with. I had no such tools at my disposal. Luckily I am skilled in the arcane arts of software development, and fired up my compiler and wireshark. By 230AM, I had something doing the basics pretty well, although not nearly as automated as they eventually became.
Here is a look of some the code.
Here is pic of the app.

Now let me tell you how much fun it is to reverse engineer an application and build a killbot while you are under attack from someone at least a day or so in development ahead of you! Talk about stress! I got only 4 hours sleep last night as I got up early to keep working on the kill bot. I continued to refine it throughout the day.

When I went to bed last night, LIFE had about 40 bonuses on his main. When I woke up, he had 140! Thats right, 100 new bonuses in about 5 hours. Quite an awesome display of hacking I must say.

Last night I put out a call for some help before I realized that LIFE was using a script. It came in VERY handy today…. I would like to ***THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING***. There was a time I was having a little bug and yet his bonus count kept dropping. That was a life saver.

I am not sure if he collected rent or not. He might have, but he was down to 0 well before payday, and I was able to build the first hazard on his beloved highway.
life is a dickhead

So I would say we won the day. But on dollar terms, life beat me for sure. He tore down a good 2 billion worth of buildings. HATS OFF MAN. Well played. Truce, or should I keep working on my killbot?



30 Responses to “Hats off to LIFEISAHIGHWAY”

  1. i am being attacked by lifeisahighway … i dont how i got onto his radar – i have not crossed his path in any way, i am not on the global leaderboards (national, yes) i dont even think i am his competition. i have no understanding or knowledge of programming of any kind- so can’t compete with a bot either. i have built myself completely with rent – i have re-investing my daily rent. i wonder why has selected me

  2. If I try to add a new account I always get an error: “The Remote Server returned an error: (412) Precondition failed.”

    Is there anything I can do about that?

  3. My Autobot

    zip md5

    exe md5

  4. You can also start with Firefox and firebug addon.

  5. I have posted a new entry regarding my release of my autobot. Just waiting for bestcheater to get online and approve my posting.

  6. And what about unleash a lite version of the script?

  7. Hey 1stplace,

    would it be possible to send me the code of your script u used? I just wanna try to write a program which makes it easier to build a huge amount of buildings. Unfortunately my programming skills involving direct communication with websites are rather low. It would be nice to have something to start with.


  8. Can anyone explain to me how you can make money by selling buildings?

  9. As of this moring, LIFE has continued his unrelenting assault on my highway. Its down to almost nothing. He sure does have no life!

    • Apparently your killbot sucks! As you have 775 hazards on your streets over at PSYFIRS …. he has none …. NOT A SINGLE ONE …

      Or he knows how to write a program or he has nobody and pisses in a jar at his desk!

      It’s a shame he is using all his energy in a negative way … he should better search for more profitable streets, but no, I need to put 135 bonus buildings on my single 224 milj in rent street.

      Maybe he still thinks he can win … 🙂

      He would better focus on enlarging his own rent instead killing the others rent …

      He can’t win anymore, by the way, if you have at this point in time only 1 billion but also manage to put 135 bonus buildings on 1 single street, you must be feeling pretty insecure ….

      As of now I just will ignore him.
      ROOT (I don’t even count on my rent anymore, I deal in streets for the moment, and it’s a very profitable business, but this you can only do when you are at the top, … when it’s full of hazards they just realize they could use a 10 or 20 mlj $ road …. and buy it for the double)

      See below LIFE & FRIAR TUCK is selling and building by the dozen …

      FRIAR TUCK built a Green House on Robinhood Rd (23)
      FRIAR TUCK sabotaged Murray Valley Highway with a Prison
      FRIAR TUCK built a Green House on Robinhood Rd
      FRIAR TUCK sold a Green House on Robinhood Rd (49)
      FRIAR TUCK built a Green House on Robinhood Rd (49)
      FRIAR TUCK sold a Green House on Robinhood Rd (50)
      FRIAR TUCK built a Green House on Robinhood Rd (31)
      FRIAR TUCK demolished a Opaque Overlook on Alaska Hwy
      FRIAR TUCK built a Green House on Robinhood Rd (19)
      FRIAR TUCK sold a Green House on Robinhood Rd (51)
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Green House on 105th St (63)
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Polyhedron Plaza on Р54
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Green House on 105th St (5)
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a High Reach Place on Р54
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Green House on 105th St (2)
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Polyhedron Plaza on Р54
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Green House on 105th St (2)
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY sabotaged A2 with a Prison
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Polyhedron Plaza on Р54
      LIFEISAHIGHWAY built a Green House on 105th St (4)

      • Oh I quit rent last night and he kept attacking all night and day today. I have other things to do than play monopoly all the time.

      • lifeisahighway Says:

        Awwww come on firstplace, you’re giving up that easy?

      • Oh man I’ve had bronchitis all week and been working on low sleep, and that night was just a killer with only 4 hours. I was just exhausted. And it actually cost me a lot of money to combat you, and the bot I wrote has some problem I am still trying to figure out with the call to /build/getlocations requiring manual intervention every 15 minutes or something. would LOVE it if someone who knows would tell me what that first query string parameter ( _ ) is. It seems to be a timer of somekind.

        And I still have no idea how you kept getting more money. Maybe there is money bugs I am unaware of?

        And for the record, the only exploit I’ve taken advantage of is multiaccounting to build up cash on day one to build a big highway when the rent was progressive.

      • We collected rent 2 times this morning … with our players group.

        We now do not stay up anymore but just play 15 minutes every day until we have a bonus card and leave the session open until we get up, place the card on the street, log out and log in again and collect our rent!

        Than accept a trade on that same street and let another one of us collect the rent a second time on the same street. He also needs to leave his session open before the trade takes place.

        !!!!!And then indeed the bonus building was gone again on that street!!!!!!

        So he for sure has a bot but it’s not perfect yet 🙂

        We did not knew that collecting rent was possible until some one read this on the official board yesterday and tried it for ourselfs … it works …

        They should be placing a marker on that street records so that no rent can be collected anymore in that same day.

        The money of LIFE comes from selling buildings on his own street … as he is selling green houses and building greenhouses by the dozen …

        FirstPlace, once your bot is working we have 2 Billion to spare to use it or abuse it 🙂


  10. All my streets were filled with hazards by LIFEISAHIGHWAY as well about 15 hours ago, over a timespan of 7 hours… >_>

    • lifeisahighway Says:

      Really? Are you on the global leader board? My intention is to only sabatoge the leaders, in particular those who I think are living off dollars only earned through previous exploits.

      Leveling the playing field, so to speak.

  11. Yeah – keep working on it! Now the next step is giving such a tool access to 100 accounts. It could walk through all accounts and build/remove as many houses as needed until it get’s a hazard/bulldoze chance card. When the time has come, it uses all 100 chance cards for a massive attack on a single player/street by clicking only one button 😀 Damn, that”s exactly what I would code if it wasn’t such a waste of time.

  12. Hi there, im studying computer science, but I’m not very into flash action script right now.

    but I would like to know some insight, how you approach such a program, is there a chat or something i can talk to you? 🙂

    maybe I can help then too 😉


    • Get Firefox and Temper Data addon. Then buy a building and watch the data transmitted. Now you only need to mimic the datatransmission with your program. Voila. Or use Wireshark as f1rstl4ce but it can be confusing to use if its your first time.

      • hey, I tried tamper data, didn’t really get the code, and lacking of time I would rather like to help enhancing something than beginning from scratch?


    • His program has nothing to do with flash or action-script, it’s written in c#

  13. Hi,

    Is the app still working after the reset? How about making someone happy with such an app?

  14. See the game actually works .. makes people happy and skilling their programming art

    It is only not as the HasBros had planned 🙂

  15. wow. sounds like an epic battle was had.

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