Congrats to Firstplace

Bestcheater has decided he needed a day off, we don’t get paid to do our job, and I think I can add we do it well, unlike the devs who do get paid and do a very poor job! So hats off to fellow author firstplace for his position on the board today! We also would like to point out the anti-cheater methods now implemented now. Consist of a way to delete cheaters without bring the game down. Read our post on how we manged to bring the game down below. The big thing here is this has to be done manually, as seen we were deleted because the devs were watching for us unlike www hkgolden com who has remained up for a day! So come on devs unless you are going to man a monkey 24/7 at a keyboard to delete cheaters, you need to get some automated methods!

On another note all the methods used to get to the top still exist! so feel free to contact us at if you want to know them Mr. Monopoly


27 Responses to “Congrats to Firstplace”

  1. Guys, if any of you has some bulldozers/hazards to spare, can you please help me bringing down WIKIROMA and his street Via Appia Antica? The asshole has been multi-playing heavily and has got all the historical spots in Rome.


  2. selling everything off as cheap as i can . i hate this abortion of a game:
    got over 1000 streets to sell – many incredibly high value (top of national board):
    make the offer now:

  3. Hey, great work.

    got a prob with some guys who are bashing me all the time. would like to bash back but im out of money and streets now ^^
    maybe someone can help with a little donation -> drvojtech ๐Ÿ˜‰ thx

  4. All u poor noobs beggin for virtual money from your king BestCheater to give your virtual life a virtual purpose. U got your billion yet ? U happy now ? U got your place on the local leader board and now what ? Are u gonna play fair now ? Will u have fun now ? All this crap about BestCheater is just total nonsense. He was lucky to find some exploits in the game, so what ? U gonna praise him now for how long ? U probably can’t even imagine, what does it take to create a software product like this. It’s a man’s work and like everything a man has made, it’s flawed. Go on! The process, how to make infinite money is discribed on the official blog. So, read it, use it and have fun for…dunno…2 days ?
    Btw. I am not in any way affiliated with Hasbro and a got also pissed by some stuff that happened, but try to understand, it happened for a reason. Rent multiplier – it would end the game within 10 days… And the mistakes made ? Throw rocks at me, any of you, who don’t make any.

    • Lol, funny, Bestcheater was the first to congrat Hasbro (Trial DDB) for the right step to reduce the rent, after his Cheating did even make those numbshells clear that this won’t work.

    • If u wanna get all philisophical, help me understand the difference between our actions and the actions of the real capitalist society. we use the rules to our advantage. Where there are no rules and only conventions of behavior, we exploit to our advantage. We get rich, virtually or in the real world. So help me understand, in the one game of supreme homage to or and/or critique of the capitalist system, a game called “Monopoly,” how acting in character is “total nonsense?” It seems to me the name of the game .

  5. im fed up with this “game”
    (mk experiment, huge commertial ad)
    tribal BBD: you dont have a clue as developers, fine.
    what you should know is how to make happy potential hasbro clients, well you failed too.
    this is a complete fiasco.

    my only joy is to follow cheaters

    i sell all my streets at whatever price to you Saint Job users

  6. Hey guys, are you aware of using two adjacent spaces in your username to reduce the number of hazards you might get?

    It’s not foolproof, but if someone clicks on your name in the leader board they get an error. They can get round it by clicking one of your streets in the feed directly but should put off most casual players.

    If you want to see it in action add “cheater 1” (two spaces) to your friends.

    If you like this idea send “matto” some cash.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Actually seems if you add “cheater 1” (two spaces) to your friends list and click on him it will take you to “cheater 1” (one space). You can confirm this if you used the add friend button as it will add a different “cheater 1” to your friends list.

      You can use this to your advantage if you create an account with only one space in the name to attract all the hazards. Would have to look reasonably realistic mind, lots of streets, building and cash.

  7. im fed up with this game
    my only joy is to follow you cheaters,
    so ill take any price on all my streets.


  8. im fed up whit this game,
    my only joy is to track you cheaters
    so i sell all my strets at whatever price


  9. if you have any cash that you wanna hand out, throw some at me.

    username: jamesdash


  10. please some cash, you did forget me? ๐Ÿ™‚
    or just tell me how i can help and kick some ass too ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Thanks guys!

    Hey I need some help cuz I need some sleep. I got a fly that needs swatting. His name is LIFEISAHIGHWAY. This is a call out to all able bodied bulldozers to make his life miserable. Thanks.

    • Bulldozed 2 of his buildings, he’s gonna come after me now :s

      ยฃ1bil would help me out and get me top of my local board, if it’s spare that is.

      ID: SDG365


    • It’s indeed an asshole!

      He also smashed my bonus buildings …. ๐Ÿ™‚

      But in the weekend I will stay up until 2 oโ€™clock in the morning (yes than is the turn in our country) and just before the turn, I clean out all his streets until no building is left – he better sell them before!

      What I do is buy all the surrounding streets next to the asshol’s big streets and place myself on top of the leader board, when people start to bomb my streets it’s bound to happen they smash some of his too ๐Ÿ™‚ when looking for my streets in that neighbourhood … as these are most of the time still “fun” and juicy streets, to bomb … mine not as they have been bombed 100 times already ….

      If you don’t need the streets anymore or want to clean them from any hazards you just sell them to the bank and buy them back … easy & fast & cheap clean … ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. nick: Serdav

    folks, I really could use something like 1 billion.

  13. Mr Mongopoly Says:

    Mr Mongopoly congratulates firstplace !!!

    you’re the man !!

  14. Moronpoly Failed Says:

    Like, make

  15. Moronpoly Failed Says:

    oi, do something again, i hate the rent calculations

  16. So, this was interesting. So, as far as I can tell by reading the rules and the FAQ, if you have a road protected by bonuses, someone can’t sabotage it with a hazard. Hmm, a street of mine picked up 2 hazards (by obvious multi-accounter) and all 6 (yes, 6) of the bonus buildings were still there.

    Theoretically that shouldn’t matter that much since the bonus buildings should negate the hazards and I should still get rent, but I didn’t want to rely on that since it’s obvious the first rule didn’t work, so I ended up selling off a load of other buildings to get the right chance cards to bulldoze the hazards.

    I’d say “just weird” but with all the other crazy crap that has been going on, I guess that’s just par for the course.

    (btw, I use the name matguy just about everywere and I have a little $100k road only has sentimental value, but I really don’t need and if someone was to offer me a bunch for it, I might take it, wink wink.)

  17. if you want my streets at face value make an offer. I don’t have time for this game anymore. user: thombaugh anybody who has the time for this crap anymore

  18. i wonder if Robin Hood got some cash left for his folks.

  19. congrats firstplace!

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