Mr Monopoly was waiting…

Credit has to go to Mr Monopoly today who, seemingly, was waiting for us to pounce. Our plan today was for more shameless advertising with..





But while we were in the middle of getting ATER WORDP on the board he was sent to jail with the others quick to follow.

We responded quickly getting our own Mr Monopsony to the top of the board and decided to rig the feed…


But Mr Monopoly was clearly watching and swiftly sent Mr Monopsony to jail.

Credit to you Mr Monopoly – we know you are reading – you seem to be atleast making it appear as if you are tough on cheaters. But lots of exploits still exist in the game and it’s only a matter of time before players other than otherselves start to use them, just to add these are not even exploits that require any knowledge of code just simple, simple things that any aspiring young cheater could carry out. The offer still stands for you to contact us if you want our help.

EDIT: It seems even part of MR Monopoly’s family is not safe from going to jail, we can confirm that Grandpa Monopoly a dear friend of ours (he didn’t think alot of his son) has been sent to jail!! What new lows will Mr Monopoly stoop to now?


8 Responses to “Mr Monopoly was waiting…”

  1. You know they only sent u guys to jail, there is a www hkgolden com which has a negative score but can still reach no.1 you know they still suck.

    • Hello,

      Will be using the map to find good roads. I have 400 mill gained (almost) legitamatly… An extra say 500 mill would go down nicely! (:

  2. I could use some unwanted cash please.. thanks!

    username is the same ^^

  3. here is the shitty part. in the battle of us versus devs, they are getting paid, have better tools (admin tools!) and should be destroying us, but are barely able to keep up.

    I want them to pay me money for any info. Big money. Not friggin monopoly money, real USD.

    • haha. we should have offered to advertise for companies on the global top 10 list for money.

    • Is that “official” for the bestcheater-team or did you make a joke?
      Good thing, getting in contact with hasbro, but demanding money could explain their silence 😉

      PS: I don’t need fake money but I could use a feature to write mails to another player, somehow, they forgot this basic feature…

      • I dont think they forgot about it…
        as you can see they clearly want this to be a family game suitable for kids so they dont even gather data who might be a privacy problem and they are filtering usernames for words like sex and so on

        taking this into account I think they dropped the mail feature for preventing unappropriate mail to children…

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