You are in jail!

Ok guys, monopoly is back and the Cheater accounts that were on the leaderboard are in jail.


But don’t fear readers, we are hit but not down. Stay tuned.


23 Responses to “You are in jail!”

  1. Hey, Best cheater
    U want some money back? 🙂
    -cheers man

  2. Hmm…. Im not in jail yet.

  3. Just realised that I’m 5th in world now. It’s just the leaderboard hasn’t updated. Darn. I’m gonna be jailed!!! Well bye freedom.

  4. Will people who took handouts be jailed

  5. I won't disclose Says:

    Will the people who have taken hand-outs be taken down/jailed or not?

  6. Little fuckers! I was almost legit! 🙂

  7. alright… what jail should be demo’ed?

  8. I see best cheater 02 back on leaderboards. Either, you’re good or the dev’s once again fail at life.

    good work either way 🙂

  9. do you take bets when you gonna be on top again?

  10. What I want to know is how rafko avoided the swift hand of justice.

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