Best Cheater brings down Monopoly!!!

So with monopoly currently down for Maintenance to ‘deal with cheating’ do you think when it comes back Best Cheater will be gone from the leaderboard/game (given that in our eyes we haven’t cheated – atleast much)?

What do you think?

If we’re gone and they have made measures to deal with cheating then our mission for a better and fairer monopoly is complete!


17 Responses to “Best Cheater brings down Monopoly!!!”

  1. i will rise to the top but first take down ocau !!!!!

  2. I find it surprising how pissed off some people get about it. I guess they don’t understand that by exploiting the loopholes and vulnerabilities that the devs will (hopefully) take notice and fix the problems. So far though, it looks like they may just be deleting accounts and not really taking the steps to fix the gameplay.

    I noticed that you pretty much posted an open invitation to help the devs. Have they responded at all?

    • People get pissed off about it because as a DIRECT result of this cheating (and it is in no uncertain terms cheating) the game is spoilt for so many people, and there is a reasonable chance of it having to be reset, AGAIN.

      Yes I know that this game is full of flaws, exploits, bugs..but going out and using them doesn’t help one bit. They will fix the issues..there is no need to ruin the fun for everyone else though while they do it. There is probably only a tiny dev team working on this who are having to waste time tracking down all the cheaters.

      I don’t want to imply that any of you guys are idiots btw – far from it – on one level I am impressed with what you have found out, and i do see your point of view.. I just think its wrong and totally unfair to do it on a live game.

      That said, the dev’s do seem to be catching up with we’ll see what happens 🙂

  3. Looks like only Rafko survived the cheater purge.

    Seems like Mr Monopoly wiped out all buildings on my three best streets.

  4. Even this voting system has his holes, i already voted twice 🙂

  5. Wow good stuff guys, wish I had listened in computer classes now.

    Do you think if they banned person to person trades that would stop you guys completely, If not what would?

  6. they intend to use toilet paper

  7. Everyone on the game blog is going on about IP addresses but I see that they actually said no more than five accounts “per computer” and didn’t mention IP addresses at all. Given their brilliance so far… Do you think they intend to use cookies?

  8. Well if you do nail your accounts with cheater in their names, my guess would be you still have other accounts they don’t know about.

    However, unless they change the layout of the game dramatically, there’s still ways to gain an advantage over the sheep. It’s not big, but it’s enough for me. I don’t think it’s detectable, because most of the game happens client side, and it’s really simple 😛 go figure…

    • You want to know something funny – back the first day when we enetered the leaderbaord with all the accounts named Cheater – the devs did actually respond.

      They didn’t remove us or anything – they just added Cheater to the list of words you couldn’t have in your username :P.

  9. When you survive Walesmafia would like to take over Norway. Assistance requested.

  10. you guys rule! Long live the cheaters!

  11. You might not have cheated as such but you have openly made fools of the game’s developers and my guess is that they will be petty about it. In any case, a deliberately manipulated scoreboard does not look good from their perspective.

    Still, if you do survive with any cash… IG: JKEN 🙂

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