Interesting Searches

You know a while back I found this hilarious street called Bloody Dick Road, and left it for all you to hazard up on day 3.  I wanna know what other funny search terms you might have found.

For example, how about just searching for “shit”:  you get iran.  and fucking austria.  i mean thats the name of the place… but you can’t buy any roads in it.  what else have you found?


11 Responses to “Interesting Searches”

  1. I’ve started collecting Hooker Aves.

  2. neednomoney Says:

    well, here you go

    you can get a Drink at , Borgerhout 2140 Antwerpen, and Sint-Pieters-Voeren 3792 in Belgium
    there is a place to Pee in Liberia in the province of Bong
    if you can’t hold it anymore you can Pukë in Albania

    there are a lot of Dick’s in USA
    there’s lots of Pussy in France (and you may interpret this as you want;-)
    there’s an Ass in Ukraine
    lot’s of Puta’s in Zambia, DRC, China
    there’s Tit in Russia (the river next to it is called Usa and one of the other towns is Nikita)

    there is not a road but a Cunt’s pawn shop in Princeton, KY, United States‎
    ‎ and a
    Biker’s Asshole in Germany :Kirchheimer Str. 104 D-73277 Owen

  3. neednomoney Says:

    Franz is from Austria ? LOL

    I like your idea. Yesterday I finally figured out that (i didnt know of this blog, only saw some at the leaderboards urging me to check out, hehe) in order to make some money one has to search for high price roads and to my surprise I found a road in my area that I never heard of and that translates as ‘duck’s throw up’.
    ‘ Were do you live?’
    ‘i live at Duckpuke 12’

    will be looking for funny names and try to post them 😉


  5. Can you reply my offer on Cheater no. 10 i want my street back….

  6. Hi bro’s , good job. I’m bored with this fucking game. The creators of Monopoly city sts are so stupids…. Hasbro never before had created internet games, and maybe they believed that this enterprise would be simply. However this e-world is dominated by funckin experts like you. Go ahead v/s Hasbro!

  7. Well, there is an Anus in Namibia, but it’s not a street. There is a “Punt Crap” street in Switzerland. There’s also a Vagina in Russia, but again no streets. There’s a LOT of “Cocks” Roads, Streets and lanes in the UK…Also, a “Slap and Tickle”. The British are really fucked up.

    I like this game!

  8. FP/Best,

    If you have chance talking to the dev team, here is my suggestion to make this a fun game.

    Like the original MP game, there should be a “dice system”, and there should be several different route already designed (maybe that’s the hard part, such as : route for the whole world, route for US, trip in my home town etc). Depend on the dice number, you go certain steps, then you can buy the street if nobody there or pay the rent if it’s already occupied, that way it will be more fun and become very interesting.

    Just my 2 cents.


  9. Is this true guys?

    If someone make an offer to your street and you don’t answer, it will be automatically accepted the offer?

    If It’s true… what a damn fucking game it forces you to play EVERYDAY… what if we are busy and can’t come for some days?…

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