Even greats make mistakes…

If you’ve seen the cheaterboard lately you’ll have seen we messed up.

Earlier we asked about what you thought we should do with the cheaterboard. It wasn’t suggested in the comments but we decided this website could do with some free publicity – so we decided on…






Basically down to human errorΒ  (and the crappy/buggy/lagging game that crashed before we could fix our problem) we ended up with this…


Close, but no cigar.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

EDIT: To cheer ourselves up a bit we rigged the feed a little:



17 Responses to “Even greats make mistakes…”

  1. haha lovin it

    Can you hook me up with some cash also – id = stevierobo


  2. I just found this site thanks to the leader board – you guys are hilarious πŸ™‚

  3. OI, can you reply my offer on my original street please?

  4. I am amazed that the developers can’t follow the series of transfers and offers you have done to make this possible. Clearly by you doing this publicly, you are trying to help them – I just find it hysterical that they would put this game out there with some of the very basic bugs it has. I am not sure whether they tested the game at all.

    I will gladly take a deposit to account “echo1234” to help continue terrorizing them into being better application developers!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. i have more fun reading this site and the blog than actual play the game.

  6. has bro, too Says:

    now were talkin monopoly! at least the people get control in THIS world πŸ˜‰

    CHANCE CARD “You just received endless cash (1 bio), because bestcheater makes the rules now!”

    a nice number, like 6.666.666.666,- would make my day.

    id = “eoscore”


  7. I have to say… after the recent changes (and the ridiculous immature comments going on in the blog) this game just made me angry every time someone mentioned it.. i then came to this blog and it gave me the first monopoly-related smile since i started playing, pre-reset. new goal = beat them at their own game. literally.

  8. now is that some dope shit right there πŸ˜€ just cant imagine a better neighbour.

    now u got a true disciple.

  9. can you hook me up with some moolah…trying to dominate my city local.

    In Game Name: “Stephen Venzor”

  10. I love that you are messing with these nit-wits! BEST CHEATER for president!!

    I could use some green if it isn’t too much trouble bro! I have a pesky jerk in my neighbourhood that I want to pound into the dirt. Username LEAFSRULE

    CHeers…keep up the good work…you are making this game fun!

    • Very nice πŸ™‚

      We are just sorry that we messed up our URL, that would have made the pic even better if we hadn’t.

      • i think the url is pretty nice in this pic, just before u messed it up noobs πŸ˜‰

        btw im dryin out, my nudist camping facilities dont really pay out. may the moronopoly god be generous for i made a nice depiction for him πŸ™‚

        ID = “conform”


      • nah! you can have the “camping tigring”

        i love my nudist house, would like to keep. πŸ˜‰

        thanks though!

      • hey buddy you dont mind granting me another bailout, as i hit a very unfortunate fine card that cut off more than half of my cash 😦 .. 1bil would do it finally

        you can have the winthorpe ave

        id as above , thanks again bro πŸ˜‰

  11. Bryan Micon Says:

    You guys got to taunt Mr Monopoly in your next leaderboard gig. Thats what everyone wants!

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