…and 5mins later…

Best Cheater no2 is now also jailed. We still are wondering why to be honest, we don’t know how he cheated.

Regardless. they’re trying to clean up the game and therefore going for anyone who is visible. Whether this is good or bad I’m not sure yet. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to “…and 5mins later…”

  1. I’m 1st in world when leaderboard updates. I’m going to be jailed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DARN!!!

  2. I’m fifth in world. Wait let me check again yep. Fifth. Damn handout. 1 Billion was too greedy and now I’m going to be jailed. When the leaderboard updates I’m stuffed. Any more cheaters are gonna be jailed so I’ll probably end up 1st. COOOOOOOOOOOOL! I should have advertised this awesome games website: [url]www.magictomato.co.cc[/url]

    Just submit all the great games you can find.

  3. I saw buildings wiped off long streets… regardless of who owns them.
    I think they’re likely nailing a lot of non-cheaters, which is going to piss some folks off… but probably will make the game better.

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