We’re being hunted!! Again!

Let’s see if they can find us, we’ve made it pretty difficult! The devs have also posted once again that we are being hunted down and deleted. Find out here first about the chase and what we will do to stay alive!

We have also established contact with the devs, we’ll keep you posted if they reply!


12 Responses to “We’re being hunted!! Again!”

  1. cityoffthehill Says:

    I don’t care what you call yourself Best Boopy, I’m not letting you off the hook. Give up or give in.

  2. lightyear2000 Says:

    want money from you, guys 😉 can you help me?
    youre doin very good work, hope they willnot find you!!!

  3. Ok, I can understand WHAT they were trying to do; they didn’t want players surpassing the US National Debt in just under two weeks, but HOW they went about it, and the complete lack of notice is what really rankles.

    I’d be all for a system where buildings could earn up to their cost in rent per day. It makes putting things other than Grids and cheap houses actually VIABLE, and doesn’t penalize people for putting in things that look nice.

    Of course, I’m also the same person that suggested a cap on hazards that could be placed on a single person, and giving those that have been dogpiled on a way to fight out of the mess. Obviously, they don’t bother to actually LISTEN to decent suggestions.

  4. Anyone willing to bet money? I’ve got 20M on nothing happening, and another blog post about how they’ll do something by COB Thursday.

    Personally I would’ve given the Hasbro devs a bit more time to see if they would swallow their pride and contact you guys about how to make their game better. Although, if they don’t respond to you, then that’s probably worse. I’m quite interested to see what the development is there.

  5. MR.BESTCHEATER i hope you can have a good go at the development team. Today, i quit this game, but i still have some buddies playing this game who believe that what is done by the dev. team is for a good cause. For i personally feel that the dev. team really need to be taught a lesson on how to run a game flawlessly.

    Good Luck to all your endeavor.

  6. You sir are a gentleman. May all our battles be swift and strong!

  7. Lil Help – I have been attacked by a player that offered a price on my street. I refused his pathetic offer and he has just bombarded my street. I WANT REVENGE if you or anyone can help let’s sink this bastard. When I started this game my only intrest was building my empire not using any chance cards against any other players. NOW it is time for me to retaliate. Please help me sink player CITYOFFTHEHILL! I have created a revenge account PITYOFFTHEPILL01. ANY help will be greatly appreciated……

    • We at Cheater HQ don’t have time to carry out the revenge ourselves but the cash deposit should help!

    • cityoffthehill Says:

      You’re going down, dude. Just accept the offer and I go away.

      • Hey Douche I sold off everything except the street you wish you had. Fill it up with hazards all you like, it’s still my name on that beachfront property. Thanks again for making this game such a pleasure – Prick

        anyone want to add hazards to my street w Cliff Dr Santa Cruz user Wrecluse knock yourself out!

        Or better yet show cityoffthehill how much fun it is to get bombarded with dozers and hazards.

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