We feel your pain!

We understand lots of people are feeling glum about game rule changes why not post a comment about, what’s yanking your chain and we’ll give you advice and how to play under the new rules

From your friendly neighbourhood cheat!


113 Responses to “We feel your pain!”

  1. All interesting places in Rome (Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, Appia etc) are owned by a smart guy named WIKIROMA. He used the smartest of tricks, just created 10plus accounts called WIKIROMA, WIKIROMADUE, WIKIROMATRE etc and got all the money into the main one.

    Why not showing some appreciation for this guy brightness, cleaning up all his bonus buildings and lending him some dozens of hazards? 🙂

    Thanks to all.

  2. Hola,

    Could you buy one of my small streets off me for a silly wedge of cash? i seem to be getting hammered by a whole consortium of fools. I was told you were the guy to help me out.

    Username: Shizzler

    Cheers bud 🙂

  3. Don’t suppose you have a spare £150m lying around, i want to buy a big street and get it populated straight away. But don’t want to run the risk with the money I have at the moment… Love what you’re doing with the leader board.
    Gutted about the low rent, you think they will change it back? I wonder how many complaints they have recieved. Wouldnt surprise me if there was another restart. :s



  4. I know it may be a little too late, but i gotta get this off of my chest.

    I spent nearly (legit) 50 millions to buy 3 streets, and were hoping to get around 3-4 hundred millions in rent. Then along came the rules change, and I got screwed, royally.

    Even worse, I lived in Asia, so the time of payday is like 7 in the morning.
    I filled my streets up early in the morning, 6 am if I recall it right. It was a slow and painfull process, but seeing that each Grid would earn me a couple of millions each, I contined. Back then, everything seemed to be all peachy… so i went to do my things, back to the computer at 7.30 and received 20 mio rent instead of 300-400-ishes mio.

    Man, that was unbelieveable, I imagined my chin must have hit the floor in shock.

    Well, now that I got that off, I kinda feel better now.
    Ranting does help. : )

    PS. Money? It’s all up to you guys, I would gladly accept any amount XD. Would you be so kind as sending it to my secondary id, named Zra?
    My main was kinda ruined and I want to start with a different account.

    PS. Pardon my accent, err, grammar, : P.

  5. Pfft… you guys think YOU were hard done by the change…

    I’d JUST purchased the $51M road that would become my main earner, and had it pumped up to approximately 800M in rent, and likely would’ve pushed it to a billion before the payday, as I’d sold off a smaller earner.

    Change comes, and all I get is a piddly 33M.

    So, unless you can top something in the neighborhood of a 970 million loss, please… say nothing.

    • check one of our other posts we lost 11 bil to a fine! anyhow if tiberious is your ingame name we could suqare you up

      • Bah. Hang onto it, or better yet, pass it along to the others. Now my only goal is to TRULY cheat in the game, as hard as possible.

        I expect I’ll be able to fuck with things so hard I get banned. Besides, I plan to trash this game’s name all over the ‘net.

  6. Somehow this blog lost its focus… we should express our pain and then ask for money, but you guys just keep asking for money without expressing your pain….

    By the way, its funny that u wrote on the monopoly blog that cheater no.7 doesn’t seem to make it to the top 10 list

  7. Crazy Googly Eyes Says:

    I find what you all have done absolutely hilarious! If only Hasbro would man up, swallow their pride, and go to you guys to find out how to improve the game.

    I just have a question, do you have any particular methods for finding long streets? The best I have been able to find is just a couple 14M roads, and a few 8M ones (Hoping to buy the 8M ones over the next two days, even with the new rent structure). Although longer streets cost more and pay the same rent per building, it’s still an advantage in the long run to own a longer street since you can avoid additional tax while still having the same number of buildings that you would need using multiple smaller streets over 1M. I just stink at locating these longer streets, haha.

  8. Hey can I get some money?


    Username: FritzAGrandold

  9. Could I get £100m?

    Username is FritzAGrandold 🙂

  10. OMG – this is one great achievement and one funny blog. I was wondering how that leaderboard is so organized with Cheater 1, 2 etc. WELL DONE. Smack in the face of these Hasbro amateurs. Nevertheless this could have been such a funny game. I cannot even come close to even think how these morons could have be so amateuristic. Even more weird to me is why they dont delete you! The official blog and its comments is painful to watch, and has become more of a fun pasttime than actually playing the sorry-ass game. wooohahaha…

    But you guys still dont tell us how you do it, BestCheater!

    Can you guys not do an even more fun top ranking?
    2. THE WORST
    3. GAME
    4. EVER MADE
    If you need to dump 10 million to to that, you can always dump it at JinjaMan (hint, hint)


  11. hiya, could i please have 150 million please

    username tobiastsf

  12. Man, offering to give people cash certainly brought people to your blog…

    What a bunch of beggers 😉

    • Lol yep, I’d love to give each of them money but it takes time to send and we’re getting too many requests now!

      If you ever feel like contributing to this blog, please feel free. Your kind are welcome here.

      • Sure thing. I’d love to help contribute…

        I’m thinking about publishing some statistics about street distributions I’ve collected about the many streets available.

  13. Gimme money! I’m tired of playing stright! Tired of bugs, glitches, slow servers, rulechanges! I just want money now!!!

  14. I wnat money!

  15. Hi bestcheater,

    Could you help me out?
    username: westport1
    street: cedargate ln


  16. it is quite boring to play without cheating a little..
    username: SHNEHAL

  17. macfhlannacha Says:

    Hey guys
    Any chance of some extra money
    Username: macfhlannacha

  18. I can’t wait for their next blog post.

    I disagree with you bestcheater on this topic. I think progressive rents should be in the game, just not as dramatic an increase as they had. here is why:

    There is absolutely no incentive to build monopoly towers. The difference in price between it and the 30M tower would take 70 days of rent to break even. this is about 2/3 of the entire lifetime of the game. what chance do you think you have of avoiding a bulldozer for 70 days? Without progressive rents, the monopoly tower is the stupidest investment in the game.

    It should be possible to make up the difference in a week or so. Avoid the bulldozer for a week and the monopoly tower should be able to break even with the skyhigh. only progressive rents could do this, unless they change the price of the monopoly tower of course. but as it stands, it would take 20 days just to recoup the cost of the monopoly tower, let alone start making any profit at all. You start making profit on the skyhigh after only 9 days.

    on a side note, it is clear that the devs are using the spaghetti test method of game design… throw up random experiments and see if it works. this is just horrible. I do feel bad for peeps who spent time selling off shorter roads and buying bigger ones. They did screw the little guy here bad, while locking in our huge fortunes. this is totally lolzone shit.

    • You do make a good point.

      They also have done something very silly – I haven’t sat and worked out what the optimal value of road is for collecting rent. But all I can say is I looked and a road around 20mill offered 150k+ per day from a house, whereas a road around 140mill offered the bog-standard 50k (same as 1mill road).

  19. This game is a farce, changing the rules AFTER the restart.

    If anyone has spare cash they could send it to clunge365


  20. MariosRizlasWetTSF365 Says:

    I’d love some free money!!


  21. Any chance of a spare 150mil? i need to rule my home town *inserts evil laugh*

    keep up the good work,


  22. hi, any chance of a bit of charity please?. i have a cunning plan 🙂


  23. What a legend! 😆

    Fancy buying some of my lovely streets? 😀


  24. i love how you got people to come to your blog, perfect. isn’t it starting to feel like there is an end in sight?

  25. Please please please gimme some money, any money.



  26. please can i have one of the charity handouts? im gonna buy the world! i only need 1bazillion dollars.
    bunegg tsf

  27. Nice work man!! i like what you have going on!! haha

    Could do with a few extra dollars!!!

    Cheers bro!!

  28. if you have an extra billion, i am a taker 🙂
    username: balmhood

  29. saved up for a 7 million pound street, only to buy it and the rules have changed 😦

    i was due a good 20 million or so in rent… i’m right hacked off. any assistance would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    username: THE CAKE

  30. Well, I’m well and truly pissed off with Hasbro, particularly after the rent was levelled out for all roads – sucks! Also, the fact they haven’t closed any of the cheating loopholes is a joke.
    That said, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!! Working out a few of the holes now, starting to build up my fortune… if there’s a few quid going spare at Bestcheater HQ I’d be happy to take it off your hands – CheekyTSF. Much obliged! 🙂

  31. I’m just going to use the bugs and glitches to my advantage until their either ban my account or fix everything.
    JUST continue cheating because the whole game is a mess.

  32. This should be actually a blog and not a want-some-money site… everyone here is talking about wanting money rather than expressing their pain….

  33. what a mess up!!!! help a lady out could i have 150 million please username Maeby

    cheers x

  34. Ingame name: THE COG
    Would love some cash if you could spare some.


  35. Anyone got a little bit more spare money they can chuck my way?
    Need to attack some douchbag so need more money to try and get more chance cards



  36. I want more lol 1 billion more?
    If you can, lol, why not want more when you can GIVE…

  37. Hi, you got 50m spare?



  38. Man the new rules suck

    100m would help a lot!

  39. About 100,000M would be quite nice if possible 😀 Account name is STOTCH


  40. they have messed up not good from these guys can you please send me 150Mil please username is zuckercorn

    thanks in advance

  41. dude i love what you guys have been doing! keep up the fun and fine work! i was on vacation when the restart bomb hit and any donation to the save the booloo fund would be appreciated!

  42. Hi friggin rent change screwed me could i have 100 million please user name is Bluthco

  43. givemeacheatplz Says:

    WTF!!!: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/7783/screenshot010.jpg
    …we’re watching you, MR MONOPOLY. Could you help me to achieve lvl 6 with a gift?. Thanks!

  44. I can’t believe they did this out of nowhere, it’s such a stupid move. I like that you’re kind of the Robin Hood of this game. I think it’s pretty noble what your doing honestly. If it’s cool I’ll take whatever the max donation you can give is. Name = MattsFun

  45. I can’t believe they’ve changed the rules halfway through the game. They reset the game, bring in a new set of rules that people adjust their tactics to fit with over the course of 3 or 4 days and then without any notice, and just before the changeover, devalue everybody’s streets. its bollocks.
    a donation to ease the pain would be gratefully accepted


  46. it sucks that they changed the rules half way through, i spent most of yesterday looking for big streets and didnt get the rent i was thinking i was going to get. idiots.
    if anybody has free cash u can chuck it my way!!! im “Bunegg TSF”

  47. Argh, I spent so many hours yesterday playing (server was so slow), hunting for big road and it was all for nothing!

    Oh well, this might be cheeky, but is there any chance you could donate about 100-110M?

    I would really like to build those super expensive building. I don’t care if I get banned after that.

    Username: USA Rock

  48. officerbalbegtsf Says:

    What is the best method to use now? is it still to get big roads an build them up? or is there a better way?

  49. I only just started playing and missed out on the oppurtunity to make big bucks fast, any donations would be appreciated 😦

    user is mmrarnen

    Great work with leader board btw.

  50. Nice blog, very interesting to read
    Stupid rule changes did me out of over £30 mill, i’m only small time, and a bit of a ‘bonus’ would do me the world of good….
    : SDG365

  51. arrrgh. they turned down the rents. i bought the longest street in my area, selling the old ones and built some houses instead of approx 50M I just got 7M. !!!


  52. Damn I was expecting to get 20 million today…. stupid rule changes! Why the hell would they do that over night!?!? 😦

  53. We little people who started late need the cash to try to enjoy the game with all the people who have millions and millions.

    username – FIRST

  54. FIRST —

    Now I’m pecked off.. couldnt start the game on reset day as was on holiday, so started 2 days late, and now I dont get the chance to earn big bucks cos of the rules change, BOLLOCKS…

  55. i was expectin more than 20M but ended up with 6M frm rent. cant buy that street i was dreaming of now… what’s the point anyway huh? they all bring the same rent now.

    the worst is i was charged 1.7M fine on a chance card. grrrrrrrrr

    IG: meoww
    i want justice >:/ 🙂

  56. Hi i’m a little confused do you just give away the monopoly bucks??

    if so i’ll have 1 billion please user name is Buster

  57. What’s the best strategy now with the new rules?

    Username: SELLINGCHEAP

  58. apparently, small and short street still got the amount of rend depend on its length (or the road price) the fixed rent is for over 1mil.
    ah, some money will be nice 🙂

  59. Man, this new rule completely ruined the game for me, that feeling of a fast monetary progression was the best part, now they took that away and it sucks big time now. I was expecting a 40 million return today and logged in to only about 10 mil.

    Hey bestcheater, hook me up with 500mil or so if if you don’t mind man

    Username: Mr Win

  60. Hi guys.
    Just dropping in to say hello.
    Well done.

    Are any of you guys “bolee”, or know bolee?

    Him/her and I were having a bit of a battle an hour or so before the reset.

    • Hello monopolib – we are assuming you are the same ingame username? If so we remember you from the leaderboard.

      But no, we have no connections with anyone called bolee.

    • sup man… i almost went ballistic on u for not honoring the cheater code when you started nuking my alaska highway. hehe. decided to stop thos… waste of time.

      • haha! that was you? that unleashed like 12 accounts against me =P

        I assumed it was bolee / rafko, because I was really nuking one of his streets, Flame Lake Trail, which under the old rent rules, was poised to collect ~900,000,000,000,000

        Was fun sparing with you =) I intend to be a bit more peaceful, at least for now, given there aren’t so many key huge streets out there that need to be neutralized 😉

        Have fun.

        They finally seem to be getting the rules in order so people can start playing the real game, and not the exploit game.


      • no i only bulldozed about two of your specials before I quit. i think your battle was mostly with bolee

  61. Days i was working to get that 1 special road (what took me days to search for) of 47Mil in Africa that nobody noticed, finally i could buy the road, and it was slow as hell, but worth the trouble and there was some money left to buy a few greenhouses and the rent of those 9 greenhouses would give me enough power to survive the next days – and now .. f$%^ing nothing, without notice rent is gone

    Ok i cried for a few seconds, sold the whole street “autoroute rabat casablanca” back to the bank and worked my way through the system, at least most of my old streets that i had sold to the bank were not “discovered” by other players, so i could make a nice new start.

  62. Well it did not affect me much because i didn’t apply these strategies, i wanted to own my streets, this is the game, it isn’t about money, its about owning streets.

    But everybody puts their own rules into the game, anyway, everybody has their own opinions.

    You know we are still greedy even it is fake money!
    YEEAH120 IS THE NAME, any money depending on the value of my comment will be suitable.

  63. I was gonna get 18 million on my highway today. Too bad they changed the rules. Oh well, maybe a cool billion could get me back on track 😉

    Username: asopyguy

  64. WoodyTrombone Says:

    Thanks for showcasing the flaws in the site design. We will all play a better game (eventually) because of it.
    -WoodyTrombone (IG)

  65. chakinandbakin Says:

    Just wanted to say that I think it’s really cool that this is a group effort. And it sucks that they changed the rules today. I was looking so forward to getting 40 million on my section of I-5. Oh well. Just thought I’d let you guys know my thoughts. Glad I came across this messageboard.

    Username: Chakinandbakin

    Ps. Im not asking for a handout, but if you have money to give away…..

  66. Hi,

    I expected a lot of rent today but the suddenly implemented rule made my strategy to buy expensive streets useless.

    Some cash would sure come in handy.
    username: suriname

  67. How do you give people money, im confused on that. Im also confused on how you get so much money so fast. I understand you can make tons of accounts and just trade streets back and forth to your main account at 1.5x per trade, but you would have to do that SOOO many times, without an automated program that would take hellaciously long. I guess it wouldnt be TOO difficult to program a macro bot to make accounts, and click in certain places, type in the value, etc., would have to beat that CAPTCHA type verification though… i dunno, if its not that im stumped on the cheating. Perhaps a server/client exploit or something.

    Anyways I had just bought a 20 million dollar street, and built what I could on it with what I had, and was looking to draw in 70+ million today, instead I got 12, sucks so bad. This “cheating” and gameplay issues arent going to stop anytime real soon, and since its going on anyways, I wouldnt mind some cash myself to play with and flaunt 😀 Whatever you can spare, if any at all, would be great, 1 bill would be super 😀

  68. But sometimes, lowering the rent is a way to tackle the amount of money got, but they shouldn’t introduce that in the middle of the game when others have already got so much.

  69. barely got started with the rent adjustment and boom… lost over 50% of my expected income… haha… oh the plans i was gonna hatch 🙂 all legit of course.

    Username: iamwonton

  70. Man… I spent like the whole day buying green houses for the sake of getting 1 billion today and it was so slow because of the stupid servers. I SPENT MY DAY PLAYING INSTEAD OF STUDYING, because i wanted to get the money…. 😦

    But I’m optimistic so I don’t mind now, might as well play later when they fix everything up
    EXTINCT is my account, 100 billion or less will be fine for me, I might consider still playing if I get that 🙂

  71. No playing this game today until the rule of the game fix…
    so sad that my non-cheat account didnt get 150mil, and I didnt even bother to login to my other cheating accounts.

    If you are still giving out spare cash, send it to my friend KENNLY account please

  72. gratefulgreebly Says:

    thankyou! 🙂

  73. Thanks for the money. Dont know what will they do tmr?

  74. I was SO looking forward to collecting $100mil on my Italian highway! Now $16mil streets are just the same as $1mil streets… I’ve been playing relatively legitimately too…
    Love what you’ve done with the leaderboard btw, but you need to fix up the order!
    IG: greebly

    • ah forgot, my IG: Edragon

    • relatively 🙂

      The order on the leaderboard is not our fault. The game is bugged and as such things didn’t work out exactly as we planned (e.g. no. 7 SHOULD be no there – look at USA national – but for some reason doesn’t show up). We still did pretty well though with what he had to work with.

  75. Well.. The fix rent is right if they start at very beginning or when they restarted… Not over night. SO MANY legit ppl got hit…
    Damn.. i was expect 60 mil to buy a new street.. :S
    p/s: and the F**KING LAG…

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