To clarify…

There has been some talk that Hasbro changed our names to ‘brand’ us as cheaters. This is not true. We chose our own names to make a point to Hasbro, although we are not necessarily saying we are cheating.

All of the players with Cheater in their name on the leaderboard are affiliated with us.

Currently we hold 8 of the 10 spots – with one of the other 2 spost being held by someone in this blog we gave a handout to.


4 Responses to “To clarify…”

  1. im really curious as to what bugs and gliches you have found. however i understand the need to keep them secret. would you ever, or do you, share these issues with the creators?

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. Best,

    Nice job! If you can give me some handout that will be great, I appreciate your help.


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