Oh the pains of being rich…



17 Responses to “Oh the pains of being rich…”

  1. I’d love it if a few $$$ could come my way

    Name: FRUITFLY

  2. Holy Crap!

    Lol! Thats more money than I could ever amass.

    Nice work!

    Oh, and feel free to FP. 🙂

  3. Any chance of some money my way?
    Name: feedbak

  4. Man you’re doing great, go on with harassing Hasbro so that they’ll never release a paying version of this game… Hopefully someone will take advantage of the experience and steal their idea… to make better and free for good 😉

    Would you mind sending me a few dollars to my account ? The name is BESTROMAIN

    Thanks 🙂

  5. would it be too much of me to ask for something at ReykaV?

  6. this isn’t the best comment for this topic, but would you consider some sort of status for blogers? you know add competetion to help generate discussion.

  7. Any chance of a loan please?

  8. thx for the money.

    one question: where can I buy the mega-long roads? at the end/start of them? right in the middle? or is it random?


    • generally in the middle – usually it is way off though – best tip is to zoom out and look for a MONOPOLY FOR SALE SIGN and then zoom in on it.

      With the rent change now though super-long roads are no longer very valuable. Roads costing 130mill now offer the same rent as roads costing 1mill.

  9. [Shameless Begging]Please give me some money. As much as you can spare.[/Shameless Begging]

    Yours truly, CHEEKYTSF

  10. Random Crackhead Says:

    Yooo babyy you spare me sum moneys? I’ma buy me sum fooood I swear. I suh suh suck yo diiiiiick maannn!

    Tag: Goldfishes


  11. LOL : ) thats kinda funny, but not really do the fact of the rent reset. sorry for your luck

  12. hola gringo, could you splash some dollars my way please 150million please

    User: Gobbluth


  13. Wow dude, mind sharing some of that wealth? I could use a nice stack of bucks to get me back into the game, I’ll take as much as you’ll give me haha. Name is Rootz

  14. Is it me or does Mr Monopoly look as though he’s thrusting into an invisible object?



  15. oh man, another finance crisis out there,lol. what bout giving me some xtra cash? these multi-accs at my local board are fuckin me up 😦 ig: hannez
    best regards

  16. Still too much for you…

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