My Confessions

Here you get the lowdown on how I made my money.

Also please direct all requests for me to send you money to the under the following, as I am trusting that bestcheater is handling all the money requests posted on this blog.



Bestcheater here your can request monies from first place here by putting FP in your post πŸ˜‰

FP here… now I gotta check this board too omg im gunna die lol


53 Responses to “My Confessions”

  1. FP = As much you can spare, thx

    acc aichach

    bid for whatever you want, everything is nothing realy worth, have only crap 😦
    Want to use the money, to heat up a guy using severeal accounts to nag me.
    thx in advance

  2. ingame: chikico

    1 billion would be great.. hope you guys can still share some for me.. thanks!

  3. FP

    Name: Problemz

    I’ll have anything you can miss. πŸ˜€

  4. FP
    ID = rowboat
    would be nie to get some money if it is still possible πŸ™‚

  5. 1bil would be nice. thanks!

  6. money money money money

    userid = stevierobo


  7. FP
    Β£1bil would be nice πŸ˜€


  8. monies for me too..

  9. FP
    ID = feedbak

  10. Oh FP for sure!


  11. Do you have 1 Billion for me? After this “rulechange” the game is no more worthy being normal played…
    ID: Saintsrow

  12. MrMonopoly stole my rent yesterday..

    I have 10 billion missing i think…
    Can you plz send money to my ID: “Drpeppers”?

    thx very much!

  13. FP

  14. Hey guys someone in my office told me about this site, if you have any spare money throw a little my way – nicky111.

    Thanks xx

  15. Is there like a cheat to remove my factories or something, what cheat engine? Or any other things. I wish i’d knew more about computers….

  16. If you have any money left could you send some my way? i’m new to the game and missed out on all the easy money.

    Thanks – Merv

  17. oh keyword πŸ˜‰


    ID = “nur keine cdu”

  18. money left?

    ID = “nur keine cdu”

  19. Since the game is messed up with the new rent rates in the middle of the game, i would like some extra rent πŸ˜‰

    ID: blckshdw

    Keep up the good work!

  20. He he! I think THIS was the real game, not the stupid buggy one we others were playing! Great workmanship – those who say you cheated are wrong! You apparently didn’t hack the servers or anything like that, so it was all fair (and not even forbidded by the rules!)

    Although I think that I’m done with the game, go ahead send some money this direction: Kettu2

    • Thanks for the monies! It went to a good use. There’s still way to get to the charts and not get nuked, but it requires good timing and staying awake midnight GMT – you most likely know about this already.

      As long as there’s trading, there will be cheating and if there’s no trading, it’s not monopoly. Which, by the way is quite funny as trading has absolutely no value whatsoever for the ‘common’ player…


  21. Come on Peter Pan! Could you help me with some money? As great as your heart! hahaha… I’l be waiting xD. I’m MONOPOTO…

    Note: In spanish (my language) “POTO” = “ASS”. xD

  22. i’d love 1 bio.$ for breakfast πŸ˜‰ nickname “alienworkshop” pick everything you want.

    keep it up! high respect!

  23. Can you give me 1 bil

    ID is huanhuan


  24. has bro, too Says:

    need a cash bomb filled with 777.777.777$ please.

    id “eoscore”

    a fan

  25. would love a billion, if you don’t mind πŸ™‚

    ID: bunnies

  26. FP Please!
    street- Cranberry Ln

  27. ig name – gunnerz

  28. Hey wouldn’t mind 1 billion if u can still spare it?

  29. FP please!

    IG: Zimzim

  30. FP – If your wallet is still open, all my streets are lined with gold!

    AcctID: brian321


  31. gotrythispal Says:

    hi there
    1 bill please dude
    IG: gotrythispal
    peace + thanks for awesome breaking of this stuff

  32. FP I’ll take as much as you can spare. Thanks.

    Username: jvaids

  33. Anyone have a strategy to get more chance cards?

  34. FP
    1 billion please
    Acct: Emotional Ninja

  35. first how much cash you got we have an idea for the board tomorrow πŸ˜€

  36. Robert Adams Says:

    FB cash please? ID= “Rob two”


    ouch… pretty nice job and well, thanks for sharing all this…

    can i have 1 bi or 2 ?
    arline street – australia

  38. I have just read your blog, and taken on board you point about the streets.

    I had clocked on to this fact about the streets and ridiculous rent.

    Well done for getting to the top of the board by exploiting the game for its pathetic programming and useless Dev team.

    I still cannot believe this game is online. They must have been developing for months but in my mind lacks massive gameplay and is far to simple.

    I feel you occupation of the leader board just goes to show some of the many floors in the game.

    This online game in my mind has ruined a once fantastic board game.

    Nicely done chaps!!!

  39. FP Name: jonnydowe 1 or 2 billion will do.

  40. let’s take the game completely down
    want to get rid of your cash to create a crash?
    abn amro
    is the one you want to sponsor

    πŸ™‚ oh fun now we get a real mess

  41. OMFG this blog is awesome…

    FP please… gimme 1bi!

    ID = Laughdois

  42. FP please!

    200 mil

    ID = bhvjens

  43. I imagine the game is coming down real soon as it’s just too damaging to leave it in situ.

    Enjoy it while you can.

    Out of interest though – how much do you need to get to LVL6? (And no, that’s not a request for cash! – Firstplace helped earlier!)

  44. ah much prettier best….

  45. I’d say that’s about right. I wonder how long this game will actually be up.

  46. you think the whole devteam is in meetings this morning getting a reamout by hasbro corporate or what?

  47. Hm so you have 130bil left on FP? I will take 129bil.

    In Game: WampaCow

  48. second!

    This is starting to look like a monopoly leaderboard

  49. first!

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