Some of our commentors have made it onto the global top 10 list. Enjoy your 5mins of fame – or day of hazards.

You’re welcome.

EDIT: If you would like the chance of getting a random gift remember to leave your ingame name on any comments.

But note:

  • Now money is much more valuable so our gifts will take this into account. Probably no more 100bil handouts.
  • Some attention may be drawn to you by having your name spyed on – you will get hazards.

13 Responses to “Congratulations”

  1. Bob Ross

    actually a famous painter 🙂

  2. you’re great man!
    i’m a austrian man.
    send the gift to lemmerer (ingame)

  3. hello, if you could help me out with a nice handout would be great.



  4. You guys are working very well!!
    All of the people in the hasbro blog are thinking you are a single multiple account… ehehe… I’d really like your gift… (ingame name: Kha, an italian “cheaters” fan!)

  5. Yes Please.

    WALESMAFIA… Tired of the rent change.

    Top me up so or I may aswell stop playing.

  6. I agree with the undermanned statement and would add under funded

  7. hello, i’d absolutely love a nice handout to be honest. as much as you feel like giving would be great

    yours thankfully..


  8. Global Force Says:

    Good trick! See my location in-game profile…

  9. Is best cheater composed of multiple human beings? I tried searching for bugs but they turned out to be in my expense. =D

    Ig: lorenzras

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