Hasbro 1

Rent has been fixed. BLATANT cheating (for a large part) is finished. It’s good news.


9 Responses to “Hasbro 1”

  1. Man you’re doing great, go on with harassing Hasbro so that they’ll never release a paying version of this game… Hopefully someone will take advantage of the experience and steal their idea… to make better and free for good 😉

    Would you mind sending me a few dollars to my account ? The name is BESTROMAIN

    Thanks 🙂

  2. thanks a lot 🙂

  3. hm im disappointed of the change so i would love to have some more money 😉


  4. thanks, i look forward to new and hopefully numberous more

  5. Danrob1986

  6. Rent should be fixed. Or coefficient for the longest streets should be %, not times.

  7. rent fixed??? i personally liked that the streets paid out the crazy amounts they did. the only reason, that i can see now, for buying a big street is for space. plus how can i realistically play. buy houses, sell houses buy higher? no fun. i think they had something before the reset. in the rules it was stated that if you bought in the same area (my interpertation) your rent would encounter some sort of bonus (a multiplier or something, they didn’t really spell it out). i think this would help with everyone seeking out these huge streets that… well did, pay out more and would promote a growing empire.

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